60-day prescriptions patient frequently asked questions – Episode 2

Patient frequently asked questions video with Dr Nicole Higgins – Episode 2.


Q: Why is my GP still only writing me scripts for a month's supply when one of my medicines is eligible for a 60-day script? 

A: Yes, so I'd suggest have a chat with your GP. There's sometimes reasons why your GP is prescribing a 30-day script and that might be a around compliance or they're worried about side effects. This is a discussion for you and your GP to have. 

Q: I'm on a concession card and already get cheaper medicines. So will getting a 60-day script save me money? 
A: So patients who already are on a concessional amount of $7.30, you'll be paying that every second month instead of every month. So 60-day prescribing really supports you to make medications cheaper. 

Q: Different pharmacies charge different prices to fill the same 60-day script. Why is that? 

A: Yes, there's a couple of reasons for that. One of the things you can do is ask your pharmacist for a generic medication. This is a medication that still has the same active ingredient, it still does the same thing. What it means though, it's cheaper. The other is that different pharmacists can charge different prices. So shop around, find the pharmacy that supports your needs.

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