Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP)

The goal of the Quality Use of Pathology Program is to achieve improvement in health and economic outcomes from the use of pathology in health care, through the pursuit of better practice amongst requesters (or referrers) and providers of pathology services and knowledgeable and engaged consumers.

Page last updated: 19 July 2016


The Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP) was established in 1999 under the pathology Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between pathology stakeholders and the Australian Government. The Australian Government is represented by the Department of Health (the Department). Under the original MoU the objectives of the QUPP were to improve patient care through enhancing the quality of pathology services and the appropriate use of services

The Quality Use of Pathology Program has three sub-Programs and objectives:
  • Quality Consumer Services: To develop and improve consumer-focussed, accessible and coordinated services that promote informed choice and meet consumer needs.
  • Quality Referrals (Requesting or Ordering): To support referral practices that are informed and facilitated by best practice professional relationships and protocols between referrers and providers; that:
    • are informed by evidence
    • maximise health benefits, and
    • inform and engage consumers.
  • Quality Pathology Practice: To support professional practice standards that meet consumer and referrer needs and provide evidence-based, best practice, quality-assured services that is safe, cost effective and efficient.

    The QUPP has been guided by a departmetally-appointed consultative committee since its inception ie. the Quality Use of Pathology Committee (QUPC). The membership of the QUPC comprises nominees from peak bodies and organisations representing the pathology profession, medical practitioners, tertiary education, pathology consumers and representatives from the Department.

    Should you have any further queries please contact the QUPC Secretariat.

    Pathology Quality Section
    Department of Health
    Medical Benefits Division
    GPO Box 9848 (MDP 951)
    Canberra ACT 2601

    Phone: 02 6289 8131
    Fax:02 6289 4028
    Quality Use of Pathology Program