Medicare Locals Operational Guidelines April 2013

9. Medicare Locals Accreditation

The Medicare Locals Accreditation Scheme (MLA Scheme) supports Medicare Locals to meet best practice organisational management and service delivery processes. Accreditation is one part of a broader quality framework for Medicare Locals that will seek to promote transparency, information sharing and a culture of continuous quality improvement.

The Deed requires Medicare Locals to become accredited under the MLA Scheme against the Medicare Locals Accreditation Standards (MLA Standards).

The Department has funded the development of the MLA Standards to ensure that Medicare Locals are accredited against standards that are specifically tailored to their unique roles and responsibilities. The MLA Standards have been developed in consultation with the Department, Medicare Locals, the Australian Medicare Local Alliance, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission), interested accrediting agencies, and other key stakeholders.

In order to fulfil the requirements under the MLA Scheme, Medicare Locals must be accredited by an agency approved by the Commission and the Department.

Medicare Locals should be registered with an accrediting agency by Friday 31 May 2013. This timeframe allows Medicare Locals one full year to attain accreditation, i.e. from the commencement of the scheme on 3 June 2013 until 30 June 2014.

The Department will routinely monitor, collect and analyse aggregated Medicare Locals accreditation data to assure itself of the quality of the MLA Scheme.

In addition, the Department will evaluate the MLA Scheme to inform itself of the effectiveness of accreditation as a requirement for Medicare Locals and to ensure the reliability, validity and consistency of the accreditation process. The MLA Standards will also be reviewed and revised as required to ensure that they are achieving their aims and remain consistent with the evolving role of Medicare Locals

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