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Submission by Dr. Ken Cho (Fairfield Liverpool Association of Medical Practitioners )

We believe that creation of a South West Sydney Primary Health Care Organisation based on Bankstown, Liverpool and Fairfield Divisions of General Practice will provide the optimal configuration for st... View full submission by Dr. Ken Cho


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Dr. Susan Harnett (Chair, Bankstown GP Division Inc.)

We believe that three distinct Primary Health Care Organisations in south west Sydney will provide the optimal configuration for state and federal primary health care policy implementation over the ne... View full submission by Dr. Susan Harnett


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Bruce Watson (Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership)

The Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership (members include Dianella Community Health Services, Plenty Valley Community Health Services, Sunbury Community Health Centre, City of Hume, City of Whittl... View full submission by Bruce Watson


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Mike Seward

As a former Divisions of Genral Practice CEO I know that the Medicare Locals, the Local Hospital Networks and Area Health Services boundaries should where possible coincide. If they don't it is unlik... View full submission by Mike Seward


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Rosie (Western District Health Service)

1. Local Govt boundaries and within Dept of Health catchments

2. Communities of interest - boundaries which are determined by community linkages, common needs, transport routes, geography, cultural co... View full submission by Rosie


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Bill Parker (Central Coast Division of General Practice)

The Board of Central Coast Division of General Practice is supportive of the Geographical Boundary proposed for the Central Coast in the Carla Cranny report. The proposed boundary would serve the comm... View full submission by Bill Parker


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Matt Jones CEO (Murray-Plains Division of General Practice)

The determinants for PHCO boundaries should be flexible enough to enable appropriate accommodation of unique circumstances in geography, topography, populations, proximity to large regional/metropolit... View full submission by Matt Jones CEO


30 Sep 2010

Submission by Dianne

I agree with Karen Seiler. There are many existing "boundaries" not the least of which are the divisions/zones defined for operation by emergency/disaster services, especially in rural areas. Please d... View full submission by Dianne


29 Sep 2010

Submission by samuel (southern general practice network)

Response from Southern General Practice Network (SGPN) to the Department of Health and Ageing on the boundary mapping exercise by Carla Cranny

Primary health care and the formation of organisations wh... View full submission by samuel


22 Sep 2010

Submission by Karen Seiler

Boundaries should be in line with tradional community links and usages. ie the South Burnett has tradionally been linked to Toowoomba, with schooling, university, business, and accessing medical servi... View full submission by Karen Seiler


14 Sep 2010

Submission by Jane

Unsuccessful attempts to submit to NSW Health website.

The National Health and Hospitals Network is a fantastic opportunity to attempt to implement changes to our health system, and I fully support t... View full submission by Jane


01 Sep 2010

Submission by Catherine (Multicultural Health Service HNE Health )

If medicare locals are to take responsibility for community health I have a concern about how people of non Egnlish speaking background will get access and equity. Already we know that many new migra... View full submission by Catherine


25 Aug 2010

Submission by Stephen Ross (Yass / Young Local Management Committee SGPN )

Yass / Young Local Management Committee

Date : 19th August 2010

Chair: Dr Gillies

Present: Dr Gillies, Dr Ross, Jenni Laker, Sue Leitner

Apologies: Frances Corcoles, Dr Khalfan

Changes to ... View full submission by Stephen Ross


20 Aug 2010

Submission by Suzanne

The boundaries should be similar to the old districts size of the mid 90's before the Areas adn Greater Areas were developed. Links from regional rural hospital and smaller facilities needt o be devel... View full submission by Suzanne


04 Aug 2010

Submission by Rodney (Reliance Health)

The Central Coast of NSW is an area which all the residents see as a natural catchment and organisational unit for health. A Medicare Local for the NSW Central Coast would be highly valued as an org... View full submission by Rodney


20 Jul 2010

Submission by Yvonne (Richmond Health Participation Forum)

Currently the North Coast Area Health Service (NSW) runs from Port Macquarie to the NSW-Qld border. Whilst it is relatively sparsely populated in comparison to metropolises like Sydney, it has the hi... View full submission by Yvonne


16 Jul 2010

Submission by Rodney (Reliance Medical Practice)

The opportunity to comment is limited to minor issues about boundaries. There needs to be a debate about the whole concept first.

I own and operate a medical practice and it remains an essential pr... View full submission by Rodney


16 Jul 2010

Submission by Kim (General Practice)

We are being considered as a possibly fitting into the ACT we are rural NSW and the needs and demographics of our ageing population versus the needs of a predominately double income no kids demographi... View full submission by Kim


14 Jul 2010

Submission by Andrew (VMO - NCAHS)

Re Clinician Input into Decision making at LHN level

As a clinician and I include Nursing. Allied health and VMO I have an advocate role for patients needs and expectations. Over last several years th... View full submission by Andrew


13 Jul 2010

Submission by Karleen

Large area health sectors have provided allied health professionals (and I am sure other HP groups) with opportunities to network broadly and to share the workload involved in developing resources and... View full submission by Karleen


09 Jul 2010

Submission by daniela

Why not having medically fully equipped semi-trailers, to use as moving hospitals and direct them to critical areas and treat patients in acute and chronic conditions and to also be used as birthing u... View full submission by daniela


07 Jul 2010

Submission by Sue

Natural catchment areas need to be looked at. My sister and her family who live in a rural area tend to be diverted to a particular hospital from their MPS. It is not the closest hospital, nor the one... View full submission by Sue


06 Jul 2010

Submission by Bob (Bothe services Consulting)

This is a return to the present . The allocations if they are to be representative of local communities need to be broken into smaller networks . For example why not follow the LGA structures alre... View full submission by Bob


06 Jul 2010

Submission by Mark (GP Northside)

Joining Hornsby with Baulkham Hills will prove to be very unworkable as transport and referral networks are entirely separate for these two areas. Hornsby Ryde should be included with North Shore area... View full submission by Mark


05 Jul 2010

Submission by Janet Watterson (GP )

I am concerned that a set 250,000 to 500,000 population means in rural areas that it no longer is a "local" network. Primary Care networks need to be small enough that it is practical to have people m... View full submission by Janet Watterson


05 Jul 2010

Submission by Frank (Austtalian Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network Inc.)

Problem. Schizophrenia and Alcohol and other Drugs use. Solution. Mental Health and Addiction Management and Wellness Recovery methodology. If a seque... View full submission by Frank


05 Jul 2010

Submission by Janet Watterson (GP)

I not on Page 60 , the report claims the 2 population areas on the lower South Coast are Bateman's Bay and Bega. This is incorrect the major populations are Bateman's Bay and the Merimbula area. The M... View full submission by Janet Watterson


05 Jul 2010

Submission by Stephen (Independent Advocate)

If these are to be truly local and understand local needs they will have to be a vehicle for promoting integrated service across primary, secondary and tertiary levels. This situation may make geograp... View full submission by Stephen


05 Jul 2010

Submission by Suzanne (GSGPN)

While I support the south west medicare local we will need support for infrastructure such as roads, air travel and access to health care such as MRI's. For example we are relatively close to Bunbury ... View full submission by Suzanne


04 Jul 2010

Submission by Mark (Medicare Australia)

In line with Medicare's new 18 regions, which (to quote the Lynelle Briggs, CEO), "will consist of 18 regions, each having similar staff numbers, financial and resource budgets which will better meet ... View full submission by Mark


02 Jul 2010

Submission by shawn

I am completely opposed to the idea of geographic allocation of medical staff. It is a further infringement on our freedom which is totally unacceptable. This must not be allowed!!

Our patients expect... View full submission by shawn


02 Jul 2010

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