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Cervical Screening register

Information and contact details for cervical screening registers in Australia.

Cervical screening registers, also known as Pap test registers, operate in each state and territory. Registers keep a confidential record of Pap smear results and provide a valuable, voluntary and confidential backup system.

Women’s details automatically go on a cervical screening register, unless they specifically ask not to be included.

The registers have an important role in data collection and quality control for the National Cervical Screening Program and provide services to Pap smear takers, laboratories and women. In particular the registers:

  • collect screening histories of individual women;
  • provide the cytology laboratory and/or the Pap smear taker with results of previous abnormal smears so that a more detailed evaluation can be done of the present smear if necessary;
  • provide a safety net if women have not had follow-up of an abnormal smear;
  • send reminders to women overdue for routine screening; and
  • provide Australia-wide data on the epidemiology and natural history of pre-cancerous lesions.
The cervical screening registers can only fulfil these functions if the majority of women who have Pap smears have their results recorded. Since the implementation of the 2005 NHMRC guidelines, data has been collected by cervical screening registers according to the Standardised Cervical Screening Data Dictionary (Version 1) (PDF 516 KB)

If you want more information about the registers, to advise of a change of address, or if you would prefer to have your details removed from a register, contact your state or territory cervical screening register at:
Alternatively, you can contact the National Cervical Screening Program in your state or territory on 13 15 56 (for the cost of a local phone call).

You can also contact your GP, health centre, family planning clinic or Aboriginal Medical Service for information about the registers.

For further information contact your doctor,
health centre or family planning clinic, or phone 13 15 56 (for the cost of a local call).

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