Social Determinants and Key Actions Supporting Male Health

Community action - working together

Page last updated: 26 May 2010

MEN in GREEN day

The Men’s and Family Centre in Lismore, NSW, sponsored a MEN in GREEN campaign in International Men’s Health Week 2009. The campaign aims to complement campaigns addressing violence against females by everyone, particularly men, publicly declaring their support for, and commitment to, healthy and respectful relationships. On a designated day, participants were encouraged to wear something green as a public statement of their commitment. More information can be found at

Male Health Summit 2008

The Department of Health and Ageing provided funds to Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (Congress) through the Northern Territory Emergency Response – Improving Child and Family Health Measure for the Male Health Summit, 2008, in the Northern Territory.

The summit aimed to create a safe and supportive environment for Aboriginal men to discuss and develop a shared understanding of the effects of child abuse and neglect on victims, families and communities. Over 400 Aboriginal men participated in the Summit, which resulted in the ‘Inteyerrkwe Statement’ acknowledging the hurt, pain and suffering caused by Aboriginal men. This statement was widely distributed immediately following the summit and is available at