Private Hospital Data Collection Review Final Report

3. Identifying issues and potential solutions

Private Hospital Data Collection Review - Final Report

Page last updated: 14 June 2012

      This chapter summarises the findings from the analysis and synthesis of information gathered through the review of documentation and consultations with stakeholders. A wide range of stakeholders were approached, with most agreeing to participate in the Review. Some stakeholders were not able to be contacted or otherwise did not contribute to the Review. Nonetheless, the findings presented in this chapter are representative of all of the key sectors, organisations and agencies with major interests in the outcomes of this Review. The full list of stakeholders consulted is provided in 4.4 and Appendix B.

      The detailed results of applying the comparison framework for Work Stream 2 are not included in this section but can be found in Appendix C. This comparative process identified and mapped the differences between the data collections, particularly in terms of what public hospitals were required to report and what private hospitals were required to report.

      The main areas identified where changes could be made to improve comparability between public and private hospital data collections are:

      • lack of HCP information for privately insured patient stays in public hospitals;
      • alignment of AIHW National Public Hospital Establishments Database (NPHED) and ABS PHEC and reporting processes; and
      • alignment of differences in public and private sector costs in NHCDC.

      This section also summarises opportunities for streamlining collections, improving comparability of public and private hospitals, and for establishing a mechanism for maintaining hospitals, and for establishing a mechanism for maintaining an authoritative list of private hospitals.