Private Hospital Data Collection Review Final Report

Appendix F

Private Hospital Data Collection Review - Final Report

Page last updated: 14 June 2012

The following table provides the definitions for the acronyms used in the report.

Acronym Definition
AACR Australasian Association of Cancer Registries
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ACD Australian Cancer Database
ACHI Australian Classification of Health Interventions
ACSQHC Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care
ACT Australian Capital Territory
AHIA Australian Health Insurance Association
AHMC Australian Health Ministers’ Conference
AHSA Australian Health Services Alliance
AIHW Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
AMI acute myocardial infarction
AN-SNAP Australian National Subacute and Nonacute Patient Classification System
ANZDATA Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry
ANZICS Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society
ANZPIC Australian and New Zealand Patient Paediatric Intensive Care Registry
APC Admitted Patient Collection
APD Admitted Patient Dataset
APHA Australian Private Hospitals Association
AR-DRG Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group
AROC Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Collaboration
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
CCR Critical Care Resources collection
CDMS Centralised Data Management Service
COAG Council of Australian Governments
CORE Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation
CSV comma separated values
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DHS Australian Department of Human Services
DoHA Australian Department of Health and Ageing
the Department Australian Department of Health and Ageing
DRG diagnosis related group
DVA Department of Veterans’ Affairs
ECLIPSE Electronic Claim Lodgment and Information processing Service Environment
FBT Fringe Benefits Tax
HCP Hospital Casemix Protocol Working
HCPWG Hospital Casemix Protocol Working Group
HMDS Hospital Morbidity Dataset
HQCC Health Quality and Complaints Commission
HSMR hospital standardised mortality ratio
HWA Health Workforce Australia
HWPT Health Workforce Planning Tool
ICD International Classification of Diseases
ICD-10-AM International Classification of Diseases, Version 10, Australian Modification
ISAAC Integrated South Australian Activity Collection
MBP Medibank Private
MDHF Mildura District Hospital Fund Limited
MRSA Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
NCSCH National Cancer Statistics Clearing House
NHCDC National Hospital Cost Data collection
NHCIOF National Health Chief Information Officers’ Forum
NHHNA National Health and Hospitals Network Agreement
NHISSC National Health Information Standards and Statistics Committee
NHPA National Health Performance Authority
NHRA National Health Reform Agreement
NHWDS National Health Workforce Dataset
NMDS National Minimum Dataset
NPHED National Public Hospital Establishments Collection
NPSC National Perinatal Statistics Collection
NPSU National Perinatal Statistics Unit
NSW New South Wales
NSWISC New South Wales Inpatient Statistics Collection
NT Northern Territory
PAS Patient Administration System
PCOC Palliative Care Outcomes Centre
PHDB Private Hospital Data Bureau
PHEC Private Health Establishments Collection
PHWG Private Hospital Working Group
PMHA Private Mental Health Alliance
QHAPDC Queensland Health Admitted Patient Data Collection
QHMAC Queensland Health Monthly Activity Collection
SCH Statistical Clearing House
VAED Victorian Admitted Episode Dataset
VICNISS Victorian Nosocomial Infection Surveillance System
WA Western Australia
XML Extensible Markup Language

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