National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2005-2008: Implementation Plan

6. Implementation, monitoring and evaluation

Page last updated: 07 November 2006


  • Review undertaken.

Measures of Achievement:

  • SACs are engaged to input into research agenda for the National Centres.

Action Areas:

  • Development of action or implementation plans by all levels of the partnership to ensure that the priority action areas in the Strategy are addressed.
  • A comprehensive review of the Strategy.


Lead: Department of Health and Ageing; State and Territory Governments.
Partners: IGCAHRD; National Centres in HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and STIs Research; AFAO; NAPWA; AIVL; Scarlet Alliance; community based organisations.

By When:

Development of implementation plans by December 2005.
A mid-term review of the Strategy completed by 2007. Other actions continuous.

Approach to Achieve Outcomes:

  • Implementation to be monitored jointly by the HIV Partnership.
  • Performance against all plans appropriately monitored.
  • Conduct a mid-term review; and hold a forum for the partnership at which to discuss the mid-term review and draft review report.
  • Evaluate individual programs within the Strategy (NB: to be led and coordinated by the Department of Health and Ageing).
  • The review should take account of reports on implementation that will occur during the life of the Strategy – to MACASHH, it’s Subcommittees, IGCAHRD and other relevant bodies at the jurisdictional level.
  • Commence the collection of standardised national data on HIV/AIDS and STI ambulatory care activity by establishing agreement on a minimum data set of the data items to be collated and produce standardised data definitions for all items within the data set.
  • Mapping of education activities.
  • Identify the resources, products and outcomes from investment in prevention programs for HIV/AIDS.


  • Successes and failings of the Strategy identified by the Partnership and reviews.
  • Resources, products and outcomes identified.
  • Plans developed and review undertaken within specified timeframe.

Measures of Achievement:

  • Mid-term review undertaken.
  • Review undertaken at the conclusion of the term of the Strategy.
  • Written report of the Review completed and distributed.
  • A minimum data set of agree data collection items is developed and a Data Dictionary that standardises definitions for all data items is published.
  • Mapping exercise of education activities conducted on an ongoing basis.