The Sixth National HIV Strategy

6.3.2 Treatment advances

Page last updated: July 2010

With mortality declining and infections increasing, the number of people living with HIV in Australia will continue to grow. Improving the health of those living with the disease requires increasing the effectiveness of new treatments, improved targeting of treatments and increased availability of clinical information.

It is vital that people on HIV treatments maintain a high degree of adherence to their treatments. Social and clinical initiatives and measures to improve and retain adherence to treatment regimes will be developed, while ensuring continued prompt access to new treatments through Australia’s Highly Specialised Drugs Program, particularly for people experiencing treatment failure and longer-term toxicity impacts. New tools developed for better management of antiretroviral therapy, including genotypic tests to identify resistance to antiretroviral treatments and therapeutic drug monitoring, have the capacity to improve clinical outcomes for people with HIV and ensure that highly potent antiretroviral therapies are used in the most targeted and cost-effective ways.