The Sixth National HIV Strategy

6.1.5 People who inject drugs

Page last updated: July 2010

Ensuring a supportive and enabling environment to both maintain and expand access to harm reduction and peer-based services and programs will help prevent further increases in HIV infection rates among people who inject drugs. The identification, monitoring and resolution of problems in relation to the quality, coverage and accessibility of NSPs are therefore supported.

The need to improve access to primary heath care and to reduce the level of discrimination experienced by people who inject drugs as a result of stigma within the healthcare system is a priority. It is important to provide additional support for people who inject drugs who may have difficulty adhering to complex HIV treatment regimens. These issues will be addressed through community education, training programs for healthcare workers and the development of supportive systems at local levels.

Workforce development will be supported to ensure that NSPs meet the needs of the diverse population groups requiring access to services.