The Sixth National HIV Strategy

5.4 People from (or who travel to) high prevalence countries

Page last updated: July 2010

The spread of HIV among people who are from, or who travel to, countries where there is a high prevalence of HIV, has been identified as an emerging epidemic. A small but steadily growing percentage of new HIV diagnoses relate to heterosexual contact. Many people in this group are from CALD backgrounds. Due to the high and growing levels of HIV associated with unsafe injecting practices within many countries in South Asia and South East Asia, there is also a need to better understand mobility patterns among people who inject drugs who are from or who travel to countries of high HIV prevalence in the region.

Priority CALD communities for targeted HIV prevention can be identified in several ways, including by examining evidence on:

  • country of birth data in HIV surveillance
  • immigration data and trends
  • how recently people have arrived in a community
  • the immigration trends of a community
  • consultations held with community organisations and multicultural health services.
Women from South East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and other regions with high HIV prevalence have special needs.