Review of Investment in Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Activity – Final Report

OATSIH commissioned Urbis in April 2010 to review its investment in blood borne viruses (BBVs) and sexually transmissible infections (STIs), with the objectives to map the OATSIH’s investment in BBV and STI activity across Australia

Page last updated: 21 June 2011

Prepared for the Australian Government
Department of Health and Ageing
Final Report, September 2010

Urbis Social Planning and Social Research team has received ISO 20252 certification, the new international quality standard for Market and Social Research, for the provision of social policy research and evaluation, social planning, community consultation, market and communications research.

Australia Asia Middle East

URBIS Staff Responsible for this Report:
Director: Linda Kurti
Associate Director: Lori Rubenstein, Duncan Rintoul
External Consultants: Karen Milward (Karen Milward Consulting)
Ann Larson: (Social Dimensions)