It is recommended that applicants refer to the following check list before submitting their applications.

Before you begin

  • Read all information in these application guidelines and ensure that your application is consistent with the advice provided in this document.
  • Ensure you understand the assessment criteria for the Telephone Counselling, Self Help and Web-based Support Programmes measure.
  • Read the Department of Health and Ageing's standard funding agreement. This is available to be downloaded with this information package, and it is important to understand that by submitting an application your organisation is agreeing to abide by the terms of this agreement, should you receive funding.

Completing your application

Ensure that in completing your application you have:
  • Named the organisation applying for funding AND the proposed project manager
  • Nominated a contact officer in this organisation
  • All documentation/ information to address and support your claims against the assessment criteria in accordance with section 6 of these guidelines and
  • Completed and signed the application form in accordance with section 4.2 of these guidelines.

Submitting your application

For non-government organisations -
  • Include one (1) copy of a Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Include one (1) copy of an audited financial statement for the previous financial year OR an audited profit/ loss statement for the previous financial year.
For organisations submitting a joint application -
  • Include letters of support from the other organisation/s actively supporting this proposal.
For all organisations -
  • Check that ALL relevant sections of the application form are complete.
  • Include two (2) written references. These must be on the referee template provided at attachment A to the application form.