Final Annual Report - Health Workforce Australia

Note 12: Related Party Disclosures

Notes to and forming part of the financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2014

Page last updated: 18 May 2015

Note 12: Related Party Disclosures
Directors Resigned Term Concluded
The Hon James McGinty AM (Chair)   31 January 2014
Professor Simon Willcock   31 January 2014
Professor Elizabeth Chiarella   31 January 2014
Professor Sandra Capra AM   31 January 2014
Dr Peggy Brown   31 January 2014
Dr Brendan Murphy   31 January 2014
Mr David Swan   31 January 2014
Mr Jeffrey Moffet   31 January 2014
Professor John Horvath AO 14 May 2014  
Ms Heather Gray 14 May 2014  
Ms Jan Phillips 14 May 2014  

The aggregate remuneration of Directors during the year is disclosed in Note 11.

Transactions with Directors of Director Related Entities

There are no loans to the Directors, or Director related entities.

During the year HWA provided grant funding to government and non-profit organisations for which several directors of HWA held executive or non-executive positions. None of those directors were involved in recommending or approving the grants to their related entities.

Transactions with related parties

Transactions between related parties are on normal commercial terms and conditions unless otherwise stated.