ANDIAB, the Australian National Diabetes Information Audit and Benchmarking exercise, provides an overview of the clinical status of people with diabetes attending specialist diabetes services. Participating Diabetes Centres and Endocrinologists can evaluate their data against that of their peers, enabling them to identify and implement mechanisms to improve outcomes amongst their patients. There has long been a perceived need for a more ‘Education and Patient Self-care’ focused initiative than the more ‘Medically’ focused ANDIAB – and this was piloted successfully in 2005 as ANDIAB2, thence run again in 2010. It had been seen as an appropriate initiative to run in the alternate years between ANDIAB surveys.

This document reports on ANDIAB2 2012, the third ‘Education and Patient Self-care’ focused diabetes data collection initiative conducted by the National Association of Diabetes Centres [NADC]. This year 24 data collection sites participated, collecting de-identified data on over 1800 individuals attending participating specialist diabetes services during the months of May or June 2012, and providing clinical process and outcomes information. Hopefully the information contained in this report of pooled data from all sites will be used and disseminated as widely as possible.

The outcome is that ANDIAB2 has resulted in the collection of substantial data on diabetes across the country, providing a framework by which diabetes strategies could be developed.

The NADC would like to thank all the dedicated multidisciplinary teams who have contributed to this report.

Finally, it is important to acknowledge the generous support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing who provided the funds necessary to undertake this project.

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