In Australia, diabetes remains a serious health problem associated with significant morbidity from long-term complications, with associated increased mortality. Diabetes Education is a major component in assisting individuals to self manage their diabetes, however measurement of patient practices and the effects of care delivered in Diabetes Centres have not been widely canvassed.

Diabetes data collection is essential for monitoring the quality of diabetes care, and in Australia there have been two national diabetes data collections undertaken:

  • The NDDP data collection
Data collected on people with diabetes attending primary care physicians. This has been assessed twice, in 1999-2000 and 2002-2003.
  • The ANDIAB data collection
Clinical data collected on people with diabetes attending specialist diabetes services. Commenced in 1998 and has been performed on 8 occasions. This has a strong ‘medical’ driven focus targeting physical examination findings, laboratory data and health outcomes.

The National Association of Diabetes Centres [NADC] conducts ANDIAB, a national audit, collating, analysing and reporting of diabetes specialist services. Data pooling, analysis and reporting are managed at the Diabetes Centre Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital under the
directorship of Jeff Flack, who also chairs the National Diabetes Data Working Group [NDDWG].

The ANDIAB data collection utilises the NDOQRIN dataset, now known as the Diabetes (clinical) data set in the National Health Data Dictionary [Version12]. This dataset, overseen by the NDDWG, has since been enhanced, and is now online as part of the AIHW – Metadata Online Registry [‘METeOR’] as the Diabetes (clinical) Data Set Specification at – [see AIHW website]6

The NADC has long desired to establish an Audit Program to be run in alternate years to ANDIAB which would be more Patient / Education focused using these data for quality improvement in order to guide activities and practice changes to improve outcomes.


To conduct a Quality Assurance Activity in Diabetes Centres with a focus on Patient Practices and Diabetes Centre Care and Education Outcomes, in order to identify deficits to assist in formulating clinical practice strategies to improve diabetes care.

To specifically explore the differences in results between Centres, and provide data to assist them to develop and implement strategies to target areas of need or deficit, in order to improve diabetes care.

6. Metadata Online Registry [‘METeOR’] - Diabetes (clinical) Data Set Specification. [see AIHW website].
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