Department of Health Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019

Part B - Definitions

Page last updated: 28 January 2016

  1. In the Agreement, unless a contrary intention is clear, the following definitions apply:
APS Means the Australian Public Service.
APS Employee Has the same meaning as in the Public Service Act 1999.
Dependant Means in relation to an employee:
  1. the employee’s partner, or
  2. a child or parent of the employee, or of the partner of the employee, being a child or parent who ordinarily resides with the employee and who is wholly or substantially dependent upon the employee.
Employee Means an employee engaged by the department in non-ongoing or ongoing classification under section 22 of the PS Act.
Family Means a person who:
  1. is a spouse of the employee,
  2. is a child including an adult child, adopted child, stepchild, or foster child of the employee,
  3. is a parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the employee, or the employee’s spouse,
  4. the Secretary is satisfied has a strong affinity with the employee,
  5. is a member of the employee’s household, or
  6. for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, is a person related to the employee through traditional kinship
and includes a person of the opposite or same sex to the employee.
Foster child Means a child for whom the employee has assumed long-term responsibility arising from the placement of the child by a permanent or long-term (minimum 6 months) fostering arrangement:
  1. by a person or an organisation with statutory responsibility for the placement of the child, and
  2. where the child is expected to stay with the employee.
HDA Means Higher Duties Allowance, the temporary payment of an allowance where an employee is temporarily assigned duties at a higher classification than his or her current classification.
Health/Medical Practitioner Means a person registered or licensed as a Health/Medical Practitioner under Australian law.
Manager Means an employee who has operational and/or supervisory responsibility for another employee or a team of employees.
Movement or Move Means reassignment of duties of an employee, whether on a temporary/non-ongoing or ongoing basis, either within the department or from/to another agency. Previously referred to as ‘transfer’.
NSPF Means the National Staff Participation Forum.
Parliamentary Service Refers to employment under the Parliamentary Service Act 1999.
Part-time employee A part-time employee is one who regularly works less than full-time ordinary hours, by agreement.
PDS Means the department's Performance Development Scheme.
Promotion Means the ongoing assignment of duties at a higher classification (excluding HDA) than the employee’s current classification, as defined in the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2013.
PS Act Means the Public Service Act 1999.
Representative Means a person or organisation chosen by an employee, or a group of employees, to speak for and/or represent them.
Salary advancement Means movement through increments within a salary range for a classification, subject to meeting any necessary requirements.  These increases are salary for the purposes of superannuation.
Salary increase Means a general increase to the base salary paid to an employee. These increases are salary for the purposes of determining salary for superannuation purposes.
School-aged Means the age at which the child is required by the law of the State or Territory in which the child lives to attend school.
Secretary Means the person who at the relevant time is performing the duties of the office of the Secretary of the department, and holding those powers provided to Agency Heads under the PS Act. A reference to the Secretary may also mean a reference to a person holding a delegation from the Secretary.
Spouse Means in relation to an employee:
  1. the husband or wife of the employee,
  2. the former husband or wife of the employee,
  3. a person who is in a recognised de facto relationship with the employee,
  4. the former de facto of the employee, or
  5. the partner of the employee
and includes a person of the opposite or same sex to the employee.
Support person Means a person selected by the employee to provide support during a discussion the employee has with the employee’s manager.
Voluntary retrenchment Means voluntary termination of an excess employee’s APS employment, also known as ‘voluntary retirement’ or ‘voluntary redundancy’.