Department of Health Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019

Attachment B - Recognition of allowances for particular purposes

Page last updated: 28 January 2016

  Counts as salary for superannuation purposes (CSS and PSSdb only. Members of other superannuation funds refer to clauses 32 to 34) Counts  towards salary for calculation of  overtime salary Payable during long service leave Payable during annual leave Reduced pro-rata during period of half-pay leave (if payable during leave) Included in income maintenance for excess employees Included in salary for calculation of retrenchment severance payments Included in salary for payment in lieu of notice of termination of employment Payment in lieu of long service leave Payment in lieu of recreation leave
Higher duties allowance @ * * * * * #
CNO Professional Development Allowance
Medical Officer Professional Development Allowance
Workplace Responsibility Allowance
Restriction Allowance @ * *
Departmental Liaison Officer Allowance @ * * #
District Allowance * * *
Community Language Allowance * *
# Yes, if in receipt of allowance for a continuous period of greater than 12 months
Yes, if in receipt of allowance on last day of service
@ Yes, subject to a qualifying period in accordance with the Superannuation (CSS/PSS) Salary Regulations 1978, unless indicated otherwise in this Agreement
* Yes, subject to certain conditions