The eHealth readiness of Australia's medical specialists - Final Report

Primary and secondary data sources

Page last updated: 30 May 2011

To ensure this report serves as an independent assessment of the eHealth readiness of medical specialists, we employed a quantitative and qualitative survey of professionals in the industry as primary data source for this report (as opposed to relying on anecdotal evidence or literature reviews).

The primary data item is an assessment of the overall readiness of Australian medical specialists to adopt and use eHealth technologies and solutions, including the primary drivers of, and barriers to, adoption.

Our primary research approach was informed by the experience of several national peak bodies, special interest groups and other organisations with a professional interest in the content of this report. Where appropriate, the input of these bodies was considered in the formation of this report, with an understanding of the experience each organisation or group brought to bear in providing their input.

Secondary data sources for this research include background data from other institutions, including but not limited to Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Health Workforce Advisory Committee, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Department of Health and Ageing, Medicare Australia, National eHealth Transition Authority, and the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission.