The eHealth readiness of Australia's medical specialists - Final Report

7. Strategies for advancing the eHealth agenda

Page last updated: 30 May 2011

The purpose of the readiness and cluster analyses from the preceding section is to inform eHealth adoption strategies so that the right interventions can be deployed at the right time for the right group of specialists. These decisions will depend on several factors including the type of eHealth application, the extent of the desired adoption (e.g. ubiquitous, specific specialties, specific geographies), the target adoption rate and profile over time, and the budget for change and adoption actions. The following section is focused on strategy development, outlined as follows:

  • Influencing clusters to adopt eHealth solutions
  • Possible adoption intervention levers that would shape eHealth products, demand and their use in the health ecosystem
  • A mapping of each potential intervention to each cluster, identifying the execution timing that may be most effective for each intervention
  • A proposed methodology for developing an eHealth adoption strategy based on the research findings and possible interventions
  • A longitudinal example to illustrate the application of cluster-based engagement strategies to advance the adoption of electronic health records.