Clinical Practice Guidelines Antenatal care - Module I

D. Summary of the systematic literature reviews

Page last updated: 02 April 2013

The NICE 2008 guidelines Antenatal Care. Routine Care for the Healthy Pregnant Woman were used as the reference guidelines for this project based on their quality as assessed using the AGREE instrument. The review methodology employed by NICE is outlined in Section 1.6 of the NICE guidelines (For more information please visit National Institute for Health and Care Excellence website ). For these Guidelines, separate systematic literature reviews were conducted for each clinical chapter in Part B. For most clinical areas relevant research questions had been considered in the NICE guidelines. The studies identified by NICE were included in the evidence tables and regraded according to the NHMRC Levels of Evidence and Grades for Recommendations for Developers of Guidelines (2009). Searches were then conducted to bring the literature review up to date. To ensure the most up-to-date evidence was reviewed, for some topics repeat reviews were conducted in 2010–2011. This appendix provides a brief summary of this process.