Clinical Practice Guidelines Antenatal care - Module I

6.2 Discussing the schedule of antenatal visits with women

Page last updated: 02 April 2013

The first or another early contact with a woman provides an opportunity to assess the appropriate number of visits for her pregnancy. Considerations include:

  • any existing conditions that may affect the pregnancy or the woman’s general health and social and emotional wellbeing;
  • whether this is the first or a subsequent pregnancy; and
  • the woman’s preferences for how antenatal care is provided.
This initial contact should be used to provide women with much of the information they need for early pregnancy. This includes explanation and appropriate written or other form of information about the different types of maternity care available and what each option entails. Information on each option of care should include:
  • who the primary carer or carers will be and how they will care for the woman (one-to-one, as part of a team etc);
  • the likely number, timing and content of antenatal visits;
  • place of labour and birth; and
  • postnatal care and support.
Consensus-based recommendation
ii. Early in pregnancy, provide women with information in an appropriate format about the likely number, timing and content of antenatal visits associated with different options of care and the opportunity to discuss this schedule.