Primary Care Infrastructure Grants Guidelines 2011

The application process

Page last updated: 2011

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The ITA document package will include these Primary Care Infrastructure Grants guidelines, an application form in Word format and template funding agreements relevant for each stream of grants.

The ITA document package will be available for download from the Department’s Tenders and Grants website. Interested parties, potential tenderers or applicants are asked to provide the information requested in the website Registration Form to ensure that their contact details are sufficient to reach them should any updates or addenda be issued. This information will only be used for the purpose of providing any updates on the process. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide accurate and sufficient details, to ensure that they can be contacted, should any updates be issued. After submitting your details you will be directed to a page where you will be able to download the relevant documents. You can access this website page as many times as you need to access the document and information.

While each stream of funding has a maximum amount, applications will be accepted for lesser amounts. Note that where a lesser amount has been specified there will be no opportunity to increase the amount of the grant once the application has been lodged. A Budget Template will be provided with the Application document to assist applicants to clarify costs for the project.

The period in which applications will be received at the Department’s Tender Box is eight (8) weeks from the date of advertisement on the Department’s website at the Tenders and Grants page.

The Department will carry out a compliance check against each application. Only compliant applications will be assessed by the Application Assessment Panel (see further details under Assessment process). Top of page

Mandatory requirements

Please note these important points:

  • Applications must be from organisations or individuals who are:
    • operating existing premises which are providing general practice (GP) services e.g. general practices, primary care and community health services and Aboriginal Medical Services, or
    • who have tenure over a proposed premises as at the closing date of the application and comply with the requirements at 2.3;
  • Applications must be for capital works projects;
  • Applicants can apply for funding under more than one grant stream where each application is for a different premises, located at a different site. Where an existing premises consists of a number of buildings across one or more site/s, only one grant can be applied for at that premises;
  • Applicants for each grant stream must complete those parts of the application form relevant to that grant stream. The Department reserves the right to decline to assess applications which do not meet this requirement; and
  • All applications will be checked for compliance with the mandatory requirements. Any application that does not comply with any or all of the mandatory requirements will not be further assessed for funding. It is the responsibility of each applicant to check that the mandatory requirements have been met. Top of page

Assessment process

Upon closure of the application period (eight weeks after the date of advertisement of the Invitation to Apply), the Department will carry out a compliance check against each application for completeness and to ensure that the mandatory requirements set out in these guidelines have been met.

Applications will be assessed by Department of Health and Ageing Application Assessment Panels. The Panels will comprise of officers of the Department of Health and Ageing.

The Application Assessment Panels may be supported by external specialist advice, for example by an independent construction adviser (to advise, among other things, on the cost effectiveness of the capital works project).

Applications will be considered and assessed in accordance with the selection criteria set out in these Guidelines and contained in the Invitation to Apply documentation.

The Application Assessment Panels will develop a relative merit list for each grant stream and provide a recommendation to the Minister for Health and Ageing. Top of page


The Department of Health and Ageing will notify unsuccessful applicants in writing (to the address nominated in the application) that their application was unsuccessful.

Unsuccessful applicants will be able to obtain feedback from the Department once all the funding agreements for all grant streams have been finalised with the successful applicants or at an earlier time advised by the Department.

Funding complaints procedures

The Department of Health and Ageing’s (DoHA) role is to achieve the Australian Government’s priorities for health and ageing. In order to achieve these priorities DoHA invests a substantial amount of Commonwealth monies in programs via a range of procurement and funding activities.

In order to ensure administrative transparency the Department has a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory complaints handling process published at the Health website

This document provides guidance to participants in a procurement or funding process as to the procedure for lodging a complaint about either of those processes.Top of page

Process for lodgement

Should an organisation or individual wish to lodge a dispute or complaint about a procurement or funding process they should do so by advising in writing the Departmental Contact Officer for this Invitation To Apply process. The complainant should provide details of the basis upon which the dispute or complaint is being lodged, including:

  • a clear statement as to what the complainant considers was defective in the tendering/funding process;
  • copies of, or references to, evidence of information to support the complaint; and
  • a statement as to what the complainant wishes to achieve from the complaint process.
The Contact Officer or his/her manager will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 10 working days of receiving the complaint. If further correspondence or information is required, the complainant will be given no less than 15 working days to respond to any communication from DoHA unless the matter is urgent.

The Departmental Contact Officer and his or her manager will attempt to resolve the matter. The Department will advise the complainant of the decision in writing within a reasonable timeframe, which will usually be within 15 working days of receiving all written correspondence relating to a complaint.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the Department’s response then the complainant may seek an independent internal Department review of the complaint. Top of page

The internal review officer will promptly notify the complainant in writing to advise of their appointment and the expected time frame for making the internal review decision. The notice will also include any request for further information that may be required to conduct the review. The complainant will be given no less than 15 working days to provide any further information unless the matter is urgent.

The internal review officer will notify the complainant in writing of the decision within the timeframe specified in the original notice.

Where the complainant is not satisfied with the Department’s response, they may lodge a complaint with the Commonwealth Ombudsman.