Following the release of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission report on Monday 27 July 2009, this website is no longer being updated.
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National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission – Interim Submissions Received

The Interim Report of the Commission: A Healthier Future for all Australians was released on 16 February 2009. Following its release, the Commission made a public call for suggestions on how to improve the reform directions proposed in its Interim Report.

Feedback was provided to the Commission both via its online survey, and in writing. All feedback was due by Monday 16 March 2009. Since the, The Commission has received over 240 submissions and over 450 survey responses from interested individuals and organisations.

The Commission is drawing on these submissions and survey responses to inform the development of its final report to the Minister for Health the Hon Nicola Roxon MHR, due in June 2009.

Although all feedback channels for the Interim Report are now closed, anyone wishing to make comments to the Commission or provide feedback may still do so:

  • By email to
  • By mail to: PO Box 685 Woden ACT 2606
  • By phone to: 1800 017 553
  • By facsimile to: 02 6262 7264

List of submissions received

All submissions received as of 17 June 2009. The Commission is progressively publishing the submissions it has received.

All submissions published as of 17 June 2009

Currently displaying 218 submissions.

NumberName of Organisation or IndividualPublication date
005Individual Submission30 Mar 2009
007Christine Millsteed30 Mar 2009
008Anthea Wynn30 Mar 2009
014Herman Lauwers30 Mar 2009
017Helen Blacklaws30 Mar 2009
020James Lawson30 Mar 2009
022Assoc Prof Jan Radford 30 Mar 2009
023Association for the Promotion of Oral Health30 Mar 2009
024College of Nursing30 Mar 2009
025Rennie Cacciola30 Mar 2009
026Uni of Qld 30 Mar 2009
027Assoc Prof Kate Jack30 Mar 2009
028Prof Newell Johnson30 Mar 2009
029Grant Thornton_Aged Care Survey 2008v1230 Mar 2009
030Pain Management Research Institute30 Mar 2009
031Kempsey Shire Council18 May 2009
034Edward Romano30 Mar 2009
035Adults Surviving Child Abuse30 Mar 2009
036Don Young30 Mar 2009
037Australian Privacy Foundation30 Mar 2009
038National Seniors Australia30 Mar 2009
039Microsoft Australia.30 Mar 2009
041Dr Michael Neaverson30 Mar 2009
042Dr Lisa New30 Mar 2009
044Australian Self-Medication Industry30 Mar 2009
045Professors of Psychiatry Unis of Melb & Monash30 Mar 2009
046Arthritis NSW30 Mar 2009
047Drs Clive Heath & Craig Turner30 Mar 2009
048Andrew Francis30 Mar 2009
050Dental Health Services Victoria30 Mar 2009
051Rick O'Brien30 Mar 2009
052Australian Dental Association Queensland30 Mar 2009
054Aged Care Association Australia 30 Mar 2009
056Queensland Nurses Union30 Mar 2009
058Pacific Strategy Partners30 Mar 2009
060Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council 30 Mar 2009
062Schizophrenia Research Institute30 Mar 2009
063Ian Smith30 Mar 2009
064Australian Primary Care & Community Partnership30 Mar 2009
065Mental Health Coordinating Council30 Mar 2009
066National Rural Health Alliance30 Mar 2009
067Ian Larmour30 Mar 2009
069Municipal Association of Victoria30 Mar 2009
070Council on the Ageing NSW30 Mar 2009
071Darebin Community Health30 Mar 2009
072General Practice Gold Coast 30 Mar 2009
073ECH Resthaven & Eldercare30 Mar 2009
074Genevieve Beggs30 Mar 2009
075HMHFRG Murdoch Children's Research Institute30 Mar 2009
077Consumers' Health Forum of Australia15 Apr 2009
078Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 30 Mar 2009
079Sophie Hill & Mary Draper30 Mar 2009
081Jason Maher30 Mar 2009
082Walwa Bush Nursing Centre30 Mar 2009
083Ben Mullings30 Mar 2009
085Dr Clive Jones30 Mar 2009
086Dr Ken Piaggio 30 Mar 2009
088Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health30 Mar 2009
089Audrey Robb30 Mar 2009
091Doctors Reform Society30 Mar 2009
092Rural Dental Action Group18 May 2009
094National Oral Health Promotion Steering Group30 Mar 2009
096Greater Southern Area Health Service NSW30 Mar 2009
097Sutherland Division of General Practice30 Mar 2009
098Alzheimers Australia30 Mar 2009
100Silver Chain30 Mar 2009
101Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery30 Mar 2009
102Royal College of Nursing Australia30 Mar 2009
103Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care30 Mar 2009
104Australasian Podiatry Council30 Mar 2009
105Need More GPs30 Mar 2009
106Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine30 Mar 2009
107Palliative Care Australia30 Mar 2009
108Rural Health Workforce Australia30 Mar 2009
109Indigenous Dentists' Association of Australia30 Mar 2009
110General Practice Queensland30 Mar 2009
111Australian Unity30 Mar 2009
112Royal Australian College of General Practitioners30 Mar 2009
113GPpartners30 Mar 2009
115Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand30 Mar 2009
117Australian Health Services Alliance30 Mar 2009
118The George Institute30 Mar 2009
119City of Darebin30 Mar 2009
120Close the Gap Steering Committee 30 Mar 2009
121Brisbane South Division of General Practice30 Mar 2009
122Bio21 Cluster30 Mar 2009
124Citizens Committee on Human Rights30 Mar 2009
125HealthWest30 Mar 2009
126Dietitians Association of Australia30 Mar 2009
127Royal Australasian College of Physicians30 Mar 2009
128Northern Sydney General Practice Network30 Mar 2009
130Prof Paul Mullen et al15 Apr 2009
130Prof Paul Mullen et al30 Mar 2009
131Down Syndrome Victoria30 Mar 2009
132Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network30 Mar 2009
133Australian Nursing Federation30 Mar 2009
134Australian Council of Social Service30 Mar 2009
135Childrens Hospitals Australasia 30 Mar 2009
136Carers Australia30 Mar 2009
139Australian College of Midwives18 May 2009
141Australian Rural Health Education Network30 Mar 2009
142General Practice South Australia30 Mar 2009
143Australian General Practice Network 30 Mar 2009
144Brotherhood of St Laurence30 Mar 2009
146Profs John Wakerman & John Humphreys30 Mar 2009
147Latrobe Community Health Service30 Mar 2009
148General Practice Victoria 30 Mar 2009
149GlaxoSmithKline30 Mar 2009
150Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory15 Apr 2009
151Motor Neurone Disease Australia30 Mar 2009
152A Prof Joachim Sturmberg30 Mar 2009
153Council on the Ageing Over 50s30 Mar 2009
154National Coalition of Public Pathology30 Mar 2009
155General Practice SA30 Mar 2009
156Australian College of Ambulance Professionals30 Mar 2009
157Roger Hewitt30 Mar 2009
158Dr Paul Wood30 Mar 2009
159Jenny Corran30 Mar 2009
161Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand30 Mar 2009
163Australian Orthotic and Prosthetic Association30 Mar 2009
164Professor David Penington AC30 Mar 2009
165NSW Mental Health Priority Taskforce30 Mar 2009
166Health Information Management Association of Australia30 Mar 2009
167Australian Physiotherapy Association30 Mar 2009
168Speech Pathology Australia30 Mar 2009
169Health Insurance Restricted and Regional Membership Association of Australia30 Mar 2009
170Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists30 Mar 2009
171Dr David More30 Mar 2009
172Australian Health Workforce Institute30 Mar 2009
174Royal District Nursing Service SA30 Mar 2009
177Psychology Private Australia Inc30 Mar 2009
178Australian Medical Council30 Mar 2009
180Pharmaceutical Society of Australia30 Mar 2009
181National Herbalists Association of Australia30 Mar 2009
182Women's Health West30 Mar 2009
187Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia 30 Mar 2009
188Dr Jeremy Rourke22 Jun 2009
190Catholic Health Australia26 May 2009
191CHOICE30 Mar 2009
192Cancer Council Australia30 Mar 2009
193Royal District Nursing Service30 Mar 2009
195Dr Sophie Bibrowska et al 30 Mar 2009
196Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council 30 Mar 2009
197The Sax Institute30 Mar 2009
199Menzies Centre for Health Policy30 Mar 2009
200Port Phillip Council Older Persons Consultative Committee30 Mar 2009
201Neville Crew OAM30 Mar 2009
203Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons30 Mar 2009
204Pharmacy Guild of Australia30 Mar 2009
205Professor Hal Kendig 30 Mar 2009
209Danny Stewart30 Mar 2009
211Toni Falk30 Mar 2009
212Anne van Loon30 Mar 2009
213Australian Health Insurance Association30 Mar 2009
216Research Australia30 Mar 2009
217Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine30 Mar 2009
218GMHBA Health Insurance15 Apr 2009
219Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations30 Mar 2009
220Australian Dental Association30 Mar 2009
221Medibank Private 30 Mar 2009
222Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association 30 Mar 2009
223Professor Just Stoelwinder et al30 Mar 2009
224NSW Council for Intellectual Disability15 Apr 2009
225Assoc Prof Roger Gurr30 Mar 2009
226Universities Australia30 Mar 2009
228Australian College of Private Consulting Psychologists NSW30 Mar 2009
231SA Health22 Jun 2009
233Business Council of Australia 30 Mar 2009
234NSW Health 30 Mar 2009
235Cabrini Health30 Mar 2009
236UQ Centre for Online Health 30 Mar 2009
237Bupa Australia30 Mar 2009
238Health Consumers Alliance of SA15 Apr 2009
240Public Health Association of Australia30 Mar 2009
241CSIRO30 Mar 2009
242Tasmanian Government15 Apr 2009
243Commission for Children and Young People NSW30 Mar 2009
244Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils15 Apr 2009
246Royal Australasian College of Surgeons26 May 2009
247Victorian Refugee Health Network26 May 2009
248Australian College of Health Service Executives Victoria15 Apr 2009
249Group of Eight26 May 2009
250Helen Owens15 Apr 2009
252Dr Bruce Simmons15 Apr 2009
253A Prof James Bennett-Levy15 Apr 2009
267Aged & Community Care Victoria15 Apr 2009
268Australian Society of Anaesthetists15 Apr 2009
269Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre18 May 2009
270Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists' Association18 May 2009
271Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists15 Apr 2009
272Dr Ruth Arnold15 Apr 2009
273Several Aged Care Round Table Participants (correct version posted 3.30pm 16 April 2009).pdf16 Apr 2009
274Western Australian Government26 May 2009
279National Federation of Parents, Families and Carers18 May 2009
280Victorian Government18 May 2009
281Advance Directive Special Interest Group18 May 2009
282Council of Ambulance Authorities18 May 2009
283UnitingCare Australia18 May 2009
285National Health and Medical Research Council18 May 2009
290Medibank Private26 May 2009
292Dr Kathy Dynes22 Jun 2009
293Dr Jerome Mellor22 Jun 2009
294Andrew Podger22 Jun 2009
295Chief Health Professions Office WA Health22 Jun 2009
296Jon Patrick22 Jun 2009
297Dr Kathryn Antioch22 Jun 2009
305Australian Privacy Foundation26 May 2009
306Macquarie Health Corporation26 May 2009
307Australian Medical Association26 May 2009
308Consumers' Health Forum of Australia26 May 2009
309Dr David More26 May 2009
310National Health Call Centre Network26 May 2009
311Brendon Wickham26 May 2009
313Microsoft26 May 2009
314Pharmaceutical Society of Australia26 May 2009
315Australian General Practice Network26 May 2009
316Office of the Privacy Commissioner26 May 2009
317Cancer Voices Australia26 May 2009