Interview on Seven Sunrise with Sally Bowrey

Transcript of Minister for Health, Greg Hunt's inteview on Seven Sunrise with Sally Bowrey regarding Neil Prakash, and the Australian Government’s new $5.5 million immunisation awareness campaign .

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13 August 2017


Topics: Neil Prakash, Turnbull Government’s new $5.5 million immunisation awareness campaign

Devastating stories of losing a baby to whooping cough will play a part in a $5.5 million push to raise immunisation rates in Australia.

For more this morning, I’m joined by Health Minister Greg Hunt. Good morning to you, Minister.

Good morning.

Before we get to today’s announcement, can we first just talk about Neil Prakash? Why is the Government offering assistance to a man who is considered one of our most wanted terrorists?

Well fortunately, many foreign fighters have been killed. In this case, Prakash has been caught, and frankly our interest is in securing the maximum possible information and intelligence about the work of ISIS.

That’s our focus, that’s our interest, precisely so as to protect Australians at home and abroad.

Let’s get to the Government’s vaccination push today. Minister, what’s the target of this new campaign?

The target is very clear – vaccinations save lives and protect lives.

Beautiful babies, such as Riley Hughes and Dana McCaffery – who were too young to be vaccinated – were lost to illnesses which came from areas with low levels of vaccination.

We need to continue the push to increase our levels of vaccination – currently 93.5 per cent – but this campaign will focus on areas that have lower levels of vaccination, increasing the number of people who will take the steps to protect these beautiful young children.

Okay, thanks for that. Health Minister there, Greg Hunt this morning.


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