More Grants to Support Medical Research

Researchers will benefit from 95 National Health and Medical Research Council grants totalling almost $70 million.

Page last updated: 29 August 2014

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29 August 2014

Researchers will benefit from 95 National Health and Medical Research Council grants totalling almost $70 million.

Health Minister Peter Dutton announced today the grants would help find new treatments for diseases, improve research translation and seek to reduce Indigenous youth suicide.

Funding of $54.6 million will flow to 74 NHMRC Research Fellowships with a further $8 million for 17 Practitioner Fellowships.

Mr Dutton said there would be four grants totalling $4.5 million as part of the one-off Mental Health Targeted Call for Research (TCR) into Indigenous youth suicide.

Research Fellowships are awarded to senior researchers with excellent track records in conducting high impact research.

In this round their work covers improving and finding new treatments for a range of diseases including cancer, Type 1 diabetes, stroke and HIV.

Recipients of Practitioner Fellowships are in a unique position to apply their research findings and have their research informed by their clinical practice experience.

This year’s Practitioner Fellows are working on health issues such as multiple sclerosis, mental health and food allergies.

The four TCR grants are aimed at finding ways to reduce Indigenous youth suicide by building resilience and encouraging positive lifestyles and behaviours amongst young Indigenous Australians.

“Improving health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is a priority of this government.

“I hope that this research can make a real difference in helping those most at risk,” Mr Dutton said.

Further information can be found on the NHMRC website under Outcomes of funding rounds

Grant highlights

Mental Health TCR

Chief Investigator: Professor Anthony Jorm
Institution: University of Melbourne
Amount: $1,140,372
Summary: Professor Jorm and his team will develop new guidelines to support Indigenous communities to prevent suicide and self-injury amongst their young people. Community members will be trained to act as gatekeepers, identifying young people who are at risk and referring them to health workers with greater health expertise.

Practitioner Fellowships

Chief Investigator: Professor Katrina Allen
Institution: Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Amount: $459,687
Summary: Professor Allen’s research group was the first to prove the food allergy epidemic in Australia by demonstrating that an unprecedented 1 in 10 infants have a clinically confirmed food allergy, as well as describing several modifiable lifestyle factors which may reverse this phenomenon. Her vision for this fellowship and beyond is to prevent food allergies in children by understanding how allergies develop, why some children grow out of them, what factors lead to anaphylaxis as well as ways to improve food safety.

Research Fellowships

Chief Investigator: Associate Professor David Booth
Institution: University of Sydney
Amount: $611,645
Summary: Associate Professor Booth will build on his work in the ‘omics field to gain a deeper understanding of the causes of conditions such as multiple sclerosis and test a number of therapies he has helped develop. He will also apply ‘omics-based techniques to the evaluation of therapies for viral diseases such as HIV.

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