Launch of Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report and Announcement of Government Grants

Minister for Health, the Hon Peter Dutton, MP, launching the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report and announcing Government Grants at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre, Marrickville, NSW.

Page last updated: 10 October 2013

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10 October 2013

This is a reminder for all Australians - 291 Australians who drowned last year, this is a message as we come into summer, particularly over the course of the next three or four or five months, this is a peak period when people are most at threat. And we know that out of that 291, 104 Australians lost their lives in New South Wales alone, we had 64 in Queensland, and 46 in Western Australia. And if you're a bloke aged between 26 and 34, and you're thinking about taking your boat out onto the water, maybe with a couple of stubbies, or a few drinks to have with your mates, you have to think very seriously because you are in an at risk category, you're ticking every box of danger.

We want to make sure that people are particularly aware on the waterways where they're boating, where they're fishing, where they're rock fishing. It's not just in pools in backyards, or on beaches in some of the most pristine areas of the country, but it's in outback and indigenous and rural communities as well. We really want to get this message across that we don't need to lose 291 Australians each year.

And I want to make sure that with the $15 million investment that the Australian Government is going to make to provide greater awareness amongst Australians about the threats of drowning, but also to provide support to our surf lifesaving clubs. The surf lifesaving movement is one of the great iconic movements in Australia, and as the Federal Minister for Sport, but also the Federal Minister for Health, I want to make sure that we can say to all Australians that your kids, my kids, enjoy swimming as much as anything in life, but we want to make sure that it's being done safely. And the work of our lifesavers, the work of local councils, the work of people around the country is incredibly important to be able to convey that message.

And in supporting the Royal Life Saving in launching this report today, we do want to stop the 291 Australians each year that lose their lives from drowning. It's way too many Australians. Young Australians, in particular, in their prime, but also older Australians who are way over represented in these numbers, we want to make sure that we can reduce those numbers over the coming years. So, the $15 million that I commit today to that cause is incredibly important, and I thank Royal Life Saving very much for involving us in the launch today.


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