Commonwealth Medical Internships

This page contains Information on the Commonwealth Medical Internships (CMI) initiative.

Page last updated: 04 January 2018

We are no longer accepting new CMI 2018 applications.

The CMI initiative is designed to increase the nation's capacity to train medical interns in alternative settings, such as private hospitals, and in rural and regional Australia, where there are traditionally fewer options for internship training.

Can I apply for 2018 or a 2019 internship?

No new applications are being accepted for CMI 2018.

No decision on future CMI rounds has been made at this stage and therefore applications are not sought from either potential hospitals or potential interns for 2019.

I have been offered a CMI internship for 2018

To participate in CMI you must sign a Deed of Agreement with the Commonwealth You should already have contacted the and been sent the appropriate Deed.

Breaching this Deed may have significant consequences, such as incurring a debt and / or being banned from providing Medicare eligible services for up to 2 years.

It is important that you fully understand all the terms and conditions before signing the agreement. You should seek independent legal advice.

Deeds collect important personal information about CMI participants to find out about the Department’s privacy principles go to CMI, Privacy and Your Personal Information.

Sample Deed for non-Australian citizens

PDF version: Deed of Agreement (PDF 248 KB)
Word version: Deed of Agreement (Word 177 KB)

Sample Deed for Australian citizens

PDF version: Deed of Agreement – Aus Citizens (PDF 205 KB)
Word version: Deed of Agreement – Aus Citizens (Word 175 KB)

Further Information

All contact regarding the CMI initiative is managed through a central email address. Please send all queries to