Illicit drugs in sport

Page last updated: 24 October 2013

image saying 'Achieve in sport. Don't let drugs destroy your future.

Illicit drugs can be harmful to athletes and bring sport into disrepute. There are many examples of how drug and alcohol abuse can destroy the careers of successful young athletes. The use of illicit drugs in sport is particularly disappointing because so many young Australians look up to our athletes as role models.

Through the Illicit drugs in Sport Program, the Australian Government is supporting National Sporting Organisations to ensure Australian athletes have the education and support to make the right choices when it comes to illicit drugs.

The main aims of the Illicit Drugs in Sport Program are to:

  • prevent illicit drug use in elite sport through education programs targeted at athletes, coaches and administrators
  • harness the power of positive sporting role models to help deliver community education about the harms of illicit drug use, and
  • assist athletes identified with a drug problem in getting help.

More information on the Illicit Drugs in Sport Program

For more information on the Illicit Drugs in Sport Program you can contact the Office for Sport at the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport via email or call 02 6210 6000.

Getting help

If you think you have a problem with drugs, or know someone who may have a problem with drugs, the first step in getting help is to start talking. Talk to a counsellor, health professional or someone else you can trust, such as a friend or family member.

For more information about illicit drugs or to get help please contact: 1800 250 015 (free call) or see

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The following documents are the standards required for conducting of Out-of-Competition Testing for illicit drugs and associated Results Management activities under the Government's Illicit Drugs in Sport Program, as well as the list of drugs to be included in such Testing. These documents currently apply to the Out-of-Competition illicit drug Testing program being conducted by the Australian Sports Commission on Australian Institute of Sport scholarship athletes in accordance with the Australian Sport's Commission's Illicit Drugs in Sport Policy. They may also be utilised by National Sporting Organisations who wish to implement an Out-of-Competition illicit drug Testing program.