Committees and Working Groups of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce engages a wide range of clinicians, consumers and other experts by establishing clinical committees to assist with the review.

Page last updated: 09 March 2018

Clinical committees
Working groups
Consumer Panel
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Clinical committees

Clinical committees focus on a number of related items, often reflecting, where possible, those provided by a medical specialist discipline and are expected to review obsolete items, individual items, item prioritisation, and item descriptors, and look at structural issues. Each clinical committee is chaired by a clinician practising in the area and includes other clinicians from that discipline, but also includes a number of clinicians who practise in different fields as referrers of services, and where relevant, consumers and health technology experts. It is anticipated that generalists, and in particular, general practitioners will participate in most groups.

Prior to the taskforce providing its recommendations to the Minister, recommendations from clinical committees (including the basis of these recommendations) will be published and public feedback invited.

Working groups

Clinical committees may establish working groups to focus on specific issues. Working groups will sit under the clinical committees and will focus on reviewing specific issues (individual and groups of MBS items). Their membership will also be broad based.

Consumer Panel

The Consumer Panel was established in September 2016 to support the MBS Review Taskforce. The Panel’s work includes providing information, training and support for consumer representatives on MBS Review Clinical Committees. The Consumer Panel will also provide reports and recommendations to the Taskforce about consumer perspectives on the Review.

The MBS Review Taskforce understands the value that consumer representation has in the review process, providing a critical perspective in the evidence-based review. As such, the MBS Review Taskforce supports on-going consumer representation on not only the Consumer Panel, but also on the MBS Review Taskforce, Principle Committees and Working Groups.

Nominations to participate in a clinical committee

To nominate yourself or someone else to a clinical committee, please email the MBS Review team and provide the following information: name, position/title, organisation, email, and clinical interest/expertise.

To nominate yourself or someone else as a consumer representative to a clinical committee, please email the MBS Review team. Please provide contact details and an up to date CV.

Nominees should be committed to interpreting evidence/research and being productive team members, and have current knowledge of practice in their clinical discipline, and preferably contemporary experience of the MBS.

You do not have to wait for the announcement of the establishment of a clinical committee or to be invited to submit nominations. Submit a nomination at any time to the Review by email to the MBS Review team.


Principles and Rules Committee
Consumer Panel

A number of previous reviews were completed or in progress under the auspices of the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC). Some of these reviews will be completed under the auspices of the MBS Review Taskforce.