Tenure Application Form

You can apply to remain in some locations in which you have undertaken your Vocational Training to complete your Return of Service Period (RoSP) obligation.

Page last updated: 06 June 2017

If you undertake your Vocational Training that satisfies the criteria for Eligible Vocational Training set out in your Deed of Agreement and are granted Tenure, you can remain in the same location to complete your RoSP, even if that location ceases to be a District of Workforce Shortage, or the Modified Monash Model category changes.

If you have not applied for and been granted tenure, you may have to move to a District of Workforce Shortage, or a Modified Monash Model category 4-7 location, to complete your RoSP after attaining Fellowship.

Word version: Tenure application form (Word 37 KB)
PDF version: Tenure application form (PDF 51 KB)

You may send your completed form via email to BMPScheme@health.gov.au au or by post to:

Bonded Medical Places Scheme
Department of Health
MDP 149
GPO Box 9848

Further Information

If you are having difficulty downloading the PDF or Word document, please email BMPScheme@health.gov.au and we will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.