Medical Training Review Panel: 18th Report

Every year the Medical Training Review Panel (MTRP) is required to produce a report on medical education and training in Australia.

Page last updated: 16 June 2015

The MTRP 18th report provides data on all trainees in undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational training programs. Details of overseas trained medical practitioners, their education levels and their migration patterns to work in Australia have also been documented to provide a complete picture of the supply of medical practitioners.

Over the years, the content of the report has expanded significantly. While initial focus was on vocational training, the report now covers undergraduate and prevocational training. As the demand for reliable and accurate information has increased, the MTRP report has become a national resource for statistics on medical education and training.

As with the previous editions of the MTRP annual report, this edition has an Executive Summary - a snapshot - that outlines the key statistics and concepts from the main report.

Data have been provided by the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand Inc., state and territory health departments through their postgraduate medical councils, specialist medical colleges, General Practice Education and Training Limited and the Australian Medical Council. Selected administrative data from the Department of Health and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection are also included in the report.

The tables in the main body of the report present the latest available data. Trends are analysed in relation to data for the last five years. Where data were available from previous years, the information has been included in Appendix D of the report.

Existing tables have been refined and updated. New tables listed below were included in this edition of the MTRP report:

  • a new set of six tables to cover attrition rates at the universities for commencing and continuing medical students, 2008 – 2013;
  • a new table for international medical students in Australian universities, 2014;
  • a new table for international students studying in Australian offshore programs, 2014;
  • a new table on workplace-based assessment through the Standard Pathway for international medical graduates, 2013;
  • a new set of five extended data trend tables on new fellows; and
  • a new set of five extended data trend tables on fellows.

Given the differing collection methodologies for diverse sets of data, the year for which data are reported varies. The majority of the data presented in the report is for 2014, with most data reported at 30 June 2014. The exceptions to these are data on medical graduates, college examinations and college fellows, which are for the previous calendar year, 2013. Administrative data from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and this Department are for 2013-14. Where possible, time series data have been included as an appendix to the report dating back to 1997, the first year the MTRP report was published.

Further information on medical college training processes and requirements is also appended.

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