Rural and Remote General Practice Program

Funding for activities to recruit and retain general practitioners to/in rural and remote areas.

Page last updated: 22 August 2012

The Rural and Remote General Practice Program (RRGPP) provides funding to Rural Workforce Agencies in each state and the Northern Territory to provide a range of activities and support to improve the recruitment and retention of GPs to rural and remote areas. This includes helping communities to recruit GPs, finding appropriate placements for doctors who want to relocate to rural Australia, assisting with the costs of relocation, supporting their families with fitting into a new community and helping doctors to access the necessary infrastructure, support and training.

Rural Workforce Agencies are also the central point of contact for GPs and other health professionals interested in practising in rural and remote areas.

Funding is also provided to Rural Health Workforce Australia (RHWA), the national coordinating body, that provides support for Rural Workforce Agencies. This includes national advocacy and representation, effective coordination and administration, and management of national data relating to rural workforce activities. RHWA also contributes to rural and remote health program and policy development.

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