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Professor Chris Baggoley, Chairman of Natural Therapy Review Advisory Committee

Dear Professor,
I am now 77 years old, being a self-funded retiree on a very limited income, having belonged to a health fund from the age of 16, and having suffered a very severe exposure to pesticides (heptachlor and dichlorvos) when recovering from a very severe illness (suspected glandular fever) at the age of 48. I became very sensitive to toxic chemicals, including many pharmaceutical products. This event caused me to seek other remedies which did not make my condition worse and to finally find a doctor who had some understanding of my failure to recover. I found a medical practitioner in 1984, “redacted”, who was also the “redacted”, of the Australian Medical Faculty of Homoeopaths and also practiced a form of Herbal Medicine. He was my life-saver, homoeopathy became my lifesaver, as well as some of his herbal remedies including echinacea and phytolacca. After a series of recoveries and relapses I was finally diagnosed with CFS and Chemical Sensitivity. It took 5 years to get back on my feet after moving house and changing my lifestyle together with homoeopathy and herbal remedies. I have only had one bad relapse since then when the Council sprayed with Amitrole/Weedazole (a carcinogen now banned) and I caught the drift when standing in my front garden. Within hours my muscles had collapsed, I felt so ill, and I was bedridden. Again my complimentary medicines helped stimulate my body to heal. I have never completely recovered my full strength, as I was a real dynamo, but by avoiding toxic chemical as much as I can, using homoeopathic remedies and some herbs, I have survived. Interestingly many of the products which send me into relapse are listed as carcinogens, and are banned.

Suffice it to say all the above is documented in my book "toxic chemical free living and recovering from ME/CFS" written with the support and contribution of “redacted”, published in 1990 and was third on the best seller list “redacted” wrote a whole chapter on Homoeopathy, and we worked together to find a cure. I wanted to know why I became so sick as I had had so little illness during my 48 years and was a B grade squash player. During the course of my research I became so concerned at the number of toxic and/or carcinogenic products on the market, particularly relating to pregnancy, babies and children, that I wrote "toxic chemical free pregnancy and child-rearing" the following year, again published by Sally Milner Publishing. Over many years I received correspondence from hundreds of people with similar problems to myself and was able to recommend them to practitioners who recognised our symptoms, and to recommend much safer products. My research was spot on as I have never received any complaint from manufacturers or people.

“Redacted” gave his patients a 6 week course in Homoeopathy so that we understood the way the remedies work. They stimulate the body to heal, but you must get the right remedy which can differ from person to person even though the virus might be the same. “Redacted” and I did the course. We now use them in “redacted” has used them on “redacted” since birth the “redacted” and has never needed an antibiotic. However we do recognise that many allopathic medicines are life-savers and have, when necessary on occasions, used them. Homoeopathy complements allopathic medicine. “Redacted” now runs a large medical and natural therapies practice in London, incorporating complementary remedies, including homoeopathy. “Redacted”, now in UK has consulted with him recently (he remembered her medical history as he had treated her in Australia since birth) and was given homoeopathic remedies which worked!

“Redacted” 6 weeks ago contracted a virus which caused his asthma to return. He only gets it very occasionally usually triggered by a virus. He was having coughing and breathing difficulties and taking his ventalin and seratide which was not improving the situation. He did not have a temperature. It was midnight. I gave him the two remedies which I have given peviously in the same circumstances.. Ipecac and Bryonia ."If these don't start to improve your condition within 30 minutes I will take you to hospital" I said. I gave the remedies every 5 minutes, then as he improved, every 15 minutes (you double the time between the doses as improvement continues) and within the hour he was so much improved he went to sleep. He continued on these two remedies (spacing the time out) for the next few days until he went back to work. He had a check up with the local medical centre the day after his bad attack (diagnosed as a virus) and was not given antibiotics but told to return if he did not improve. I have witnessed these improvements and recoveries over the past 30 years and could fill a book with my observations. It works so well with babies and children, we have seen the beneficial effects and there are no adverse effects. As a medical specialist from Coffs Harbour said to me "doctors have forgotten the power of observation, only science counts now! I know a Vet who treats race horses with homoeopathy very successfully.

Homoeopathy is particularly under pressure. My own GP is a homoeopath. He would not use it if he did not see good results. Many doctors are homoeopaths in UK. Europe and India. It has been used for over 200 years .The Royal family use it. Homoeopaths should be registered, well qualified and trained . No one has died from taking homoeopathic remedies, but just check the deaths and illnesses caused by side effects to drug therapies! I can only assume that both homoeopathy and herbs are under attack because the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent them. Both remedies have saved my life! Both have saved the Government money.The cost to the government via the health fund for a consultation is so small it is insignificant compared with the cost of allopathic medicine. I spent over $10,000 on my health last year all out of my own pocket (not including top cover in Aust. Unity). Even my gastroenterologist “redacted” recommends a herbal remedy of 8 herbs to his patients as it is not habit forming (I have a 9cm stricture in the Sigmoid bowel which the surgeon is loathe to remove because I can "manage it with the herbs" costing $50 per month). There is no acknowledgement by the government to those of us who try to look after ourselves and not be a burden on the taxpayer. It seems on every front we are being "Socialised".

Western herbs are also under attack but not chinese herbs. Why.! (My doctor sees this as a form of racial discrimination because we are now so beholden to the Chinese!) Many herbs have been used for thousands of years and are relevant to both modalities. My herbalist has a PHd in herbal medicine, practices in a local medical practice, and lectures students in the subject. Just how qualified are the Chinese doctors? Who checks this? In fact I have tried Chinese medicine which caused my blood pressure to rise alarmingly....not sure if it was the herbs or the acupuncture ... am about to find out!

There are only two types of alternative medicines, Homoeopathy and Herbal, which can be used by those of us who are, in the main, very allergic to allopathic medicines. They are the only alternatives. Overall they save the government huge medical costs, and I fail to understand why they are being targetted. There are so many more contraversial therapies on the "scope for review".

Homoepathy and herbal remedies have saved my life!

Therese (Trixie) Whitmore
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