Reformulation Working Group

Page last updated: 21 February 2017

The Reformulation Working Group will establish priorities for food reformulation which may help consumers achieve dietary patterns that are consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs) and protect and promote good health.

Key activities of the Reformulation Working Group will be to:

  • Assess which nutrients, foods and categories should be included within a reformulation program to support achievement of the ADGs, and determine how these are to be prioritised
  • Examine reformulation work to date in the Australian marketplace and international initiatives, including evidence for effectiveness where available
  • Set measurable targets for reformulation which would apply to manufactured foods sold through retail and food service
  • Set targets/guidelines for foods prepared on site (in food service)


  • Vanessa Clarkson (Chair)
  • Fritz Meyer (Co-chair)
  • Trish Guy
  • Anne-Marie Mackintosh
  • Michelle Broom
  • Jacqui Webster
  • Michael Depalo
  • Julie-Anne McWhinnie
  • Clare Bleys
Draft work plan – as at 11 November 2016
Work Plan for Reformulation Working Group (PDF 122 KB)
Work Plan for Reformulation Working Group (Word 37 KB)