Prostheses List Advisory Committee (PLAC) Bulletin 9

Bulletin number 9, October 2012

Page last updated: 22 October 2013

Internal Process Improvements

Following the release of the August 2012 Prostheses List, the CAG and PoCE secretariats examined the causes of delays and errors in processing applications to list new products and to amend existing listings on the Prostheses List. This exercise highlighted opportunities for improvement mainly concerning tracking of application progress, checking of application information and presenting of application information to the PLAC.

New database

The Prostheses List Management Team is currently overseeing the development of a new database specifically designed for the Prostheses List arrangements. The new database is expected to be operational in the first half of 2013.
This database will enable sponsors to submit applications online, reducing the need for manual input of data by the secretariats and improving the accuracy of application information on the Prostheses List. The new database will also have inbuilt facilities for the first time for tracking and reporting on the progression of applications.

Currently, information on applications is presented to the PLAC, mostly in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are developed from the current database. However, they require some manual manipulation and this has led to errors. The new database will automate many of these processes, reducing the risk of human error.

Interim improvements

The current manual processes will continue until the new database is operational, and the secretariats have strengthened their checking and reporting processes to reduce the risk of errors and delays. The secretariats report to the PLAC at each meeting on applications that have been in progress for 22 weeks or longer. This reporting will continue. The secretariats will also report regularly to directors on the progress of all applications.

Timing of CAG meetings

The secretariats are reviewing the timing of CAG meetings in proximity to the PLAC meetings to ensure a more even spread of workload for the PLAC, and also to ensure there is adequate time between a CAG meeting and the PLAC meeting to prepare accurate, high quality documentation for the PLAC to consider. This may mean that in future the meeting dates for some CAGs may occur earlier in a cycle. The secretariat will inform sponsors of the dates for all CAG and PLAC meetings as soon as they have been finalized.

Stakeholder feedback welcome

As always, feedback from stakeholders about the Prostheses List arrangements and processes is always welcome, directed to Prostheses.

Key Contact Details for the Prostheses Section

Prostheses Clinical Assessment and List Management Phone

Katie Jaggers (A/g Director) (02) 6289 1028
Chereta Daylight (A/g Assistant Director, PLAC) (02) 6289 7188
Meg Paloni (Assistant Director, PoCE) (02) 6289 1331

Prostheses - Clinical Advisory Groups

David O’Neill (Director) (02) 6289 1270
Ros Dawson (Assistant Director, UPCAG, VPCAG, CPCAG & UPCAG) (02) 6289 4573
Sharon Simons (Assistant Director, HPCAG & KPCAG) (02) 6289 9154
Toni Pike (Assistant Director, SPCAG & CTPCAG) (02) 6289 8988
Toni Cooper (A/g Assistant Director, SOCAG) (02) 6289 9561

Prostheses Hotline (02) 6289 9463