Health topic quickview: Women's health

A collection of Women's health-related information in the Health website.

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A quickview of health information

Maternal and Infant Health

10 December 2015

This section of the website outlines some of the major activities which are being undertaken by the Australian Government towards improving maternal and infant health.

National Antenatal Care Guidelines

13 November 2015

In November 2010 all Health Ministers agreed to the National Maternity Services Plan which included the development of National Evidence-Based Antenatal Care Guidelines, as a priority under Action 2.1: Ensure Australian maternity services provide high-quality,evidence-based maternity care. Development of the Guidelines has been coordinated by the Australian Government in collaboration with state and territory governments.

Midwives and nurse practitioners

30 October 2015

Information on the expanded role of eligible midwives and nurse practitioners in the delivery of Australian health services.

Women's Health - Longitudinal Study

11 September 2015

The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH), which is also known as Women’s Health Australia, is a landmark longitudinal survey funded by the Department of Health.

Diagnostic radiology fact sheet

11 June 2015

About minimum qualification requirements of people performing x-ray, angiography or fluoroscopy services

Promoting Healthy Weight

25 September 2009

Promoting healthy weight focuses on the prevention and management of overweight and obesity. In Australia, the 2007-08 National Health Survey showed that some 61% of the adult population (18 years and over) were overweight or obese, with 25% of these classified as obese.