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Fact sheet providing information on a one-stop shop for palliative care information.

Page last updated: 01 July 2013

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The Australian Government has made access to information on palliative care simple by funding the development of a one-stop web-based resource – the Australian Palliative Care Knowledge Network – CareSearch.

The Knowledge Network provides up-to-date evidence-based information on all aspects of palliative care for clinicians, researchers, educators, students, health professionals, carers, families and patients. The site covers topics on specific diseases, finding support and help and self-care for caregivers.

The Knowledge Network provides online resources and tools to:

      • encourage communication and interaction;
      • link to other online resources;
      • support education and learning;
      • contribute to research; and
      • help families and carers manage their issues and concerns.
It also contains pages specifically designed to assist General Practitioners. These pages recognise different needs and draw on evidence and research to guide GPs to materials and information to help them provide quality palliative care. They include quick clinical guidance and links to online resources.

Pages for patients and carers

Palliative care will affect us all at some stage in our lives, whether as a patient, carer, family member, neighbour or friend. However, many of us do not have a clear understanding of what palliative care is and the many issues that arise in dealing with a life-limiting illness.

These following pages on the CareSearch website are designed for those affected by palliative care and can help patients and carers learn more and manage better. They cover the following areas:
      • for patients – the concerns of a person with a life-limiting illness;
      • for carers – their role and matters of practical caring;
      • for families and friends – how to support patients and their carers.
To find out more the National Palliative Care Program email the Palliative Care Section.
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