Voluntary Blood Testing Program

This page contains information regarding Voluntary Blood Testing Program for PFAS.

Page last updated: 11 April 2017

The Australian Government is providing a free blood test for Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) for people who live or work, or who have lived or worked, in the Williamtown, NSW and Oakey, QLD, Investigation Areas and who have potentially been exposed to PFAS.

The Australian Government is aware that some non-government organisations are promoting blood testing for PFAS to the communities surrounding PFAS contaminated sites, such as Williamtown, NSW and Oakey, QLD. From 30 November 2016, any blood testing that is conducted outside of the parameters of the Voluntary Blood Testing Program arrangements will not be funded by the Australian Government.

Where individual consent is given, the PFAS blood test results from these areas may be used as part of an epidemiological study to improve the understanding of the potential health effects relating to PFAS exposure. Please refer to the PFAS – An Epidemiological Study webpage for more information.

The Voluntary Blood Testing Program will run concurrently with the epidemiological study and free blood testing will be available to eligible individuals until 31 March 2018.

Further information on the Voluntary Blood Testing Program, including information on how to access the program is available in the following Factsheets:

Statutory Declaration

Please note that if you wish to obtain a free blood testing under this Program, you, or parent or guardian of a minor, will be required to sign a Statutory Declaration to confirm eligibility.

To assist in this process pre-filled Statutory Declarations are available below.

Information for GPs

The following factsheets have been prepared for GPs to assist in consultations with people seeking a blood test under the Voluntary Blood Testing Program.