Human Health Provisions of the Biosecurity Act 2015

This page contains information on suborinate legislation under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

Page last updated: 01 April 2016

The formal consultation process on the final tranche of draft subordinate legislation supporting the Biosecurity Act 2015 (the Act) closed on 31 March 2016. All submissions made throughout the consultation period will be considered and may be used to inform further development of the subordinate legislation. Once these pieces of subordinate legislation are finalised they will be made available on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

The human health provisions in the Act provide a range of response options where a communicable disease is identified, taking into account the rights of individuals when deciding what measures to take and ensuring that interventions are proportionate to the risk posed. They also establish a range of preventative mechanisms to manage the risk of serious communicable diseases entering Australia, or emerging, establishing or spreading in Australia. It is noted with the exception of the new provision relating to human biosecurity control orders under the Biosecurity (Human Health) Regulation 2016, the below legislative instruments largely carry over existing arrangements under the Quarantine Act 1908.

  • Biosecurity (Human Health) Regulation 2016
  • Biosecurity (Entry Requirements) Determination 2016
  • Biosecurity (Managing Human Remains) Instrument 2016
  • Biosecurity (Negative Pratique for Incoming Aircraft or Vessels) Instrument 2016

Any questions regarding the above pieces of subordinate legislation should be directed to the Department of Health via the humanquarantine inbox (