Paediatric Medicines Advisory Group

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Page last updated: 13 November 2008


Children do not have the same access to safe, effective and high quality medicines as adults. The limited availability of medicines tested and registered for paediatric use is the main barrier in providing access to safe and effective medicines for children.

Consideration of the issues relating to the registration of and access to paediatric pharmaceuticals has been a priority for the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council (AHMAC) over recent years.

As a result of the work undertaken by the AHMAC Paediatric Pharmaceuticals Working Group, the Department of Health and Ageing established the Paediatric Medicines Advisory Group (Advisory Group) to oversee the work relating to the consideration of the regulation, evaluation and listing of medicines for paediatric use.


The purpose of the Advisory Group is to provide advice to the Department of Health and Ageing, and to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (where relevant), on paediatric medicines issues (refer to Terms of Reference), within the parameters of existing legislative requirements, specifically the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 and the National Health Act 1953.