National mental health report 2010

This report, the eleventh in the series, presents the latest data on progress made under the National Mental Health Strategy.

Page last updated: 2011

The report provides a fifteen year view of trends and performance at the national and state and territory levels, over the period spanning the first, second and third National Mental Health Plans from 1993 to 2008. Extensive information is presented that describes changes in the resources and structure of mental health services in Australia since the commencement of the strategy.

National mental health report

Date of publication: 2010
This version of the report was revised on 7 May 2011.

National mental health report 2010 (online)
PDF version: National mental health report 2010 (PDF 4392 KB large file)

The same publication in smaller sections:

Cover pages (PDF 256 KB)
Part A: Highlights of progress under the National Mental Health Strategy 1993-2008 (PDF 532 KB large file)
Part B: Monitoring the National Mental Health Strategy (PDF 172 KB)

Part C: Progress in reform of Australia's mental health services (PDF 16 KB) - cover page

Part D: Profiles of state and territory reform progress (PDF 47 KB) Part E: Appendices (PDF 471 KB)

To obtain a hard copy of this publication, please email National Mailing and Marketing or ring (02) 6269 1080. The code for this publication is MH263.

Supplementary data

National mental health report 2010: Appendices tables (Excel 1334 KB large file)
National mental health report 2010: Appendices tables (PDF 307 KB)

The Department of Health has made every effort to ensure that the Microsoft Excel version of National mental health report 2010 meets accessibility requirements. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the information contained within this document, please email mental health publications to arrange for an alternative format to be provided to you.

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