Integrity tools for sporting organisations

Page last updated: 01 August 2016

To assist sporting organisations to comply with the requirements of the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport the National Integrity of Sport Unit has developed the following series of integrity tools for free download.

  1. Anti-match-fixing policy template for sporting organisations
This integrity tool sets out model provisions, rules, and procedures as a guide for sporting organisations to develop and implement their own anti-match-fixing policy to protect the integrity of their sport.
  1. Code of conduct for sporting organisations
This integrity tool sets out the guiding principles for all athletes, officials and other relevant persons on the issues surrounding the integrity of sport, match-fixing and sports betting.
  1. Integrity agreement for sporting organisations
This model agreement will assist those sporting organisations on which there are sports betting markets offered to develop and enter into an agreement with betting agencies. The agreement, under development, will be designed to assist sports to have a say over bet types that pose an integrity risk to their sport.


This policy template has been developed to assist sports in the implementation of the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport as agreed by Australian Governments on 10 June 2011. The information set out in this template is of a general nature only and should not be taken as a complete or definitive statement about what should be included in your Match-fixing Policy. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute legal advice. You should seek your own legal or other professional advice before implementing this policy or relying on the content of this document. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.