On-line Services Reporting

Reporting models developed by the Indigenous Health Division

Page last updated: 03 November 2015


OCHREStreams is the Online Community Health Reporting Environment for Health Services that receive Australian Government funding.

The OCHREStreams secure web portal was established to make reporting easier for health services that provide primary healthcare and other services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A health service is able to extract and submit reporting data electronically from its Patient Information Recall Systems to OCHREStreams.

OCHREStreams also supports health services’ own quality improvement activities, independent of program and indicator reporting to improve client health outcomes. These activities can take place locally, or in collaboration with other health services, peak organisations or research bodies, at the discretion of the services.

Australian Government funded Health Services currently provide reporting data via OCHREStreams:

  • Annually in July for the On-line Services Report (OSR); and
  • Six monthly in January and July for national Key Performance Indicators (nKPIs).

The OSR and nKPIs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care data framework document has been developed to articulate how OSR and nKPI data is used and reported, who has access to the data, and the roles, accountabilities and responsibilities of those involved in the data flow from health services to OCHREStreams and data management.

Word version: OSR and nKPI data framework (Word 2263 KB)
PDF version: OSR and nKPI data framework (PDF 942 KB)

For a list of useful contacts go to OCHREStreams Contacts on the OCHREStreams website or for assistance from the OCHREStreams Help Desk directly, call on 1800 627 820 or email the OCHREStreams Help Desk.