Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products

Page last updated: 27 May 2016

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Tobacco plain packaging and health warnings

This website provides information about the tobacco plain packaging and health warning legislation, covering the manufacture, packaging, labelling and supply of tobacco products in Australia.

Tobacco plain packaging and expanded health warnings are part of the Australian Government's efforts to reduce smoking rates.

About the legislation

The Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 and the Tobacco Plain Packaging Regulations 2011 set out the requirements for plain packaging. The legislation prohibits the use of logos, brand imagery, and promotional text on tobacco products and packaging, and includes restrictions on colour, size, format and materials of packaging, as well as the appearance of brand and variant names.

All tobacco products sold, offered for sale or otherwise supplied in Australia from 1 December 2012 must be in plain packaging and be labelled with the new and expanded health warnings.

The Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard 2011 specifies the new and expanded health warnings required to appear on all tobacco retail packaging and is an important complementary measure to plain packaging.

Further information on the Introduction of Tobacco Plain Packaging in Australia.

Tobacco plain packaging resources

Useful information for manufacturers/importers/suppliers of tobacco products on the tobacco plain packaging requirements is available on the Tobacco Plain Packaging Resources page.

These resources are also available in languages other than English for people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

If you are unsure of your obligations under the tobacco plain packaging or health warnings legislation, or you are having difficulty understanding the requirements, you may wish to seek independent advice.