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Commonwealth Hospital Declaration

Hospital declaration is made by the Minister for Health (or Minister’s delegate) pursuant to s.121-5(6) of the Commonwealth’s Private Health Insurance Act 2007 (“the PHI Act”) for private health insurance benefits, the Medicare Benefits Scheme and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, where applicable. Declaration is a legal instrument, signed by the Minister for Health (or Minister’s delegate). It takes effect on the date it is signed and cannot be made retrospectively.

In deciding whether to declare that a facility is a hospital, or to revoke such a declaration, the Minister (or delegate) must have regard to matters specified in s.121-5(7) of the PHI Act. The PHI Act can be accessed at the Comlaw website.

Requirements for a new hospital declaration

A facility must obtain a declaration that it is a hospital, whether or not it already has such declaration in force, under the following circumstances:

  • commencement of new facility;
  • change of existing hospital’s registered business name;
  • change of existing hospital’s physical location (address); and
  • amalgamation of existing hospitals.

    These conditions apply equally to both public and private hospitals.

    In the event where a declaration is sought for matters described above, for best administrative practice and to assist the Minister for Health (or Minister’s delegate) in deciding whether to declare that a facility is a hospital, the facility is required to provide the following evidence:

    For Public Hospitals

    For Private Hospitals

    Note: Under the circumstances where a new private hospital is located on the same ground as a public hospital, or located within the public hospital buildings; the co-located hospitals, both public and private hospitals are also required to complete the Co-located Form. This is found at the end of the Private Hospital Information Form.

    For further information regarding the hospital declaration process, please email Hospital Declarations.

    Hospital Provider Number

    A hospital provider number is a unique identifier number, allocated by the Medicare Australia upon the Department’s request on behalf of a declared hospital. The issuance of a provider number is directly linked to the hospital declaration by the Minister of Health (or Minister’s delegate), in that, only a facility that has been declared as a hospital will be issued a hospital provider number.

    Current Listing of Commonwealth declared hospitals

    The current list of all

    as at 26 October 2016.

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