Listing of Departmental and Portfolio Agency Consultations

This section of the website lists current and recently past consultations held by the Department of Health and portfolio agencies.

Page last updated: 04 October 2016

Current consultations

Current consultations can be viewed at the Department of Health consultation hub.

Framework for the secondary use of My Health Record data

Consultation on secondary use postponed

The department has decided to postpone the consultations until early next year. There are a number of other consultations occurring at this time, for example on the National Digital Health Strategy, that will compete for the attention of health care providers and the broader community. In addition it is possible that the outcome of these consultations could further inform a discussion paper on secondary use of My Health Record data. The department apologises for any inconvenience caused and will ensure the dates are advertised and a consultation paper is released well in advance of the consultation sessions.

Closed consultations

There are no closed consultations available.

Past consultations

Past consultations 2012
Past consultations 2011
Past consultations 2009-10

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