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Welcome to the Department of Health structure including the Divisions and Branches.

Page last updated: 06 June 2016

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Martin Bowles PSM Secretary

Office of the Secretary

Assistant Secretary - Ross Hawkins

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Chris Baggoley - Chief Medical Officer

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Jenny Firman
Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Gary Lum

Office of Health Protection

First Assistant Secretary - Sharon Appleyard
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health Protection PolicyGraeme Barden
Health Emergency ManagementRhonda Owen
ImmunisationMasha Somi

Strategic Policy & Innovation

Mark Cormack - Deputy Secretary

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Tony Hobbs
Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer - Debra Thoms

Health Systems Policy

First Assistant Secretary - Mark Booth

Principal Adviser - Charles Maskell-Knight
BranchAssistant Secretary
Portfolio Strategies, Engagement & CoordinationChris Carlile
International Strategies Simon Cotterell
Best Practice RegulationGillian Shaw
Strategic PolicyShane Porter
Primary Health Care Advisory Group TaskforceJanet Quigley
Health Adviser - GenevaMadeleine Heyward

Health Services

First Assistant Secretary - Natasha Cole

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Andrew Singer
BranchAssistant Secretary
Primary HealthcareMargaret Sykes
Hospitals and Acute ServicesKathy Dennis
Mental Health Early InterventionEmma Gleeson (acting)
Mental Health ServicesDr Anthony Millgate
PHNChris Bedford

Research, Data & Evaluation

First Assistant Secretary - Alanna Foster
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health & Medical ResearchErica Kneipp
Health AnalyticsIan Crettenden
Health System FinancingShannon White
Performance, Accountability & EvaluationPeter Woodley

Health Benefits

Andrew Stuart - Deputy Secretary

Health Provider Compliance

First Assistant Secretary - Kerryn Vine-Camp

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr John Primrose
Principal Medical Adviser, Medicare Reviews Unit - Dr Megan Keaney
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health ComplianceBen Noyen
Health Compliance StrategyChris Jeacle
Health Professional Review & AdviceDr Jo Benson

Medical Benefits Division

First Assistant Secretary - Maria Jolly
BranchAssistant Secretary
Medical Specialist ServicesNatasha Ryan
Office of Hearing ServicesTrisha Garrett
Primary Care & DiagnosticsJaye Smith
Private Health InsuranceTracey Duffy
Medicare Reviews UnitAndrew Simpson (acting)

Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

First Assistant Secretary - Penny Shakespeare
BranchAssistant Secretary
Pharmaceutical PolicyNick Henderson
Pharmaceutical EvaluationDianna Prosser (acting)
Pharmaceutical AccessJulianne Quaine

Office of Chemical Safety

(incorporating NICNAS & AgVet Chemicals) - Brian Richards

National Programme Delivery

Dr Wendy Southern- Deputy Secretary

Population Health & Sport Division

First Assistant Secretary - Dr Lisa Studdert

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Bernie Towler
BranchAssistant Secretary
Preventive Health PolicyElizabeth Flynn
Office for SportNarelle Smith
Sport Integrity AdviserAndrew Godkin
Cancer & Palliative CareAlice Creelman
Tobacco ControlJackie Davis
Drug StrategyLisa McGlynn

Indigenous Health Division

First Assistant Secretary - Bobbi Campbell
BranchAssistant Secretary
Programme, Services & Access SupportMeredeth Taylor
Strategy & EvidenceTania Rishniw
Health Programmes & Sector DevelopmentKate Wallace

Health Workforce Division

First Assistant Secretary - David Hallinan

Senior Medical Adviser - Dr Louise Stone
Senior Medical Adviser - Dr Susan Wearne
Adviser - Prof. Marlene Drysdale
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health TrainingDamian Tuck
Rural AccessLisa La Rance
Health Workforce ReformTarja Saastamoinen

Office of Gene Technology Regulator

Dr Jane Cook (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Regulatory Practice & ComplianceDr Vidya Jagadish (acting)
EvaluationDr Michael Dornbusch

Health Products Regulation

Adj Prof John Skerritt - Deputy Secretary

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Tony Gill (acting)

Principal Legal & Policy Adviser - Philippa Horner
Office of Drug Control - Bill Turner

Medicines Regulation

First Assistant Secretary - Dr Larry Kelly
BranchAssistant Secretary
Prescription Medicines AuthorisationAdrian Bootes
Complementary & OTC MedicinesLyndall Soper
Pharmacovigilance & Special AccessSteve Dunlop (acting)
Scientific EvaluationDr Mayada Kayali (acting)

Medical Devices & Product Quality

First Assistant Secretary - Adam Davey
BranchAssistant Secretary
Medical DevicesDr Cheryl McRae
LaboratoriesMichael Wiseman
Manufacturing QualityDr Harry Rothenfluh

Regulatory Practice & Support

First Assistant Secretary - David Weiss
BranchAssistant Secretary
Regulatory Services & ImprovementNicole McLay
Regulatory Engagement & PlanningAvi Rebera
Regulatory Practice, Education & CompliancePio Cesarin

Ageing and Aged Care

Nick Hartland -Acting Deputy Secretary

Ageing and Aged Care Services

First Assistant Secretary - Rachel Balmanno
BranchAssistant Secretary
Residential & Flexible CareKerrie Westcott
Home SupportKaren Pickering
Ageing & Sector SupportSharon Rose

Aged Care Policy and Regulation

Acting First Assistant Secretary - Nigel Murray
BranchAssistant Secretary
Aged Care PolicyMichael Culhane
Funding PolicyMelissa Crampton (acting)
Prudential & Approved Provider RegulationDavid Laffan

Aged Care Access and Quality

First Assistant Secretary - Fiona Buffinton
BranchAssistant Secretary
My Aged Care OperationsRachel Goddard
Home Care ReformChristine Steele
Access ReformCraig Harris
Quality ReformAmy Laffan

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Yannopoulos (acting) - Deputy Secretary

Organisational Performance - Dr Jenean Spencer

Portfolio Investment Division

First Assistant Secretary - Keith Tracey-Patte (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Chief Financial OfficerCraig Boyd
Chief Budget OfficerMark Talevich (acting)
Investment StrategyLiane Pettitt
Shared ServicesFay Holden
IntegrityCelia Street

Health State Network

First Assistant Secretary - Donna Moody
BranchAssistant Secretary
Grants OfficePaul McCormack
Capital and AssessmentCraig Rayner
Grants ManagementFifine Cahill
Regional Services Grants Kate Hamilton (acting)
NTWendy Ah Chin
SADanny McAtteer (acting)
VICBernadette Ryan
TASAnthony Speed
NSW/ACTEmma Jobson (acting)
WAHelen Grinbergs
QLDGerald Griffin

People, Capability & Communication Division

First Assistant Secretary - Kylie Perrin (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Ministerial, Parliamentary, Exec Support & GovernanceRobert Wright
PeopleAnn Smith
CapabilityJudy Develin
CommunicationJodie Grieve

Information Technology Division

First Assistant Secretary - Daniel McCabe
BranchAssistant Secretary
Enterprise SolutionsHeidi Madden
IT Strategy and GovernanceChristine Svarcas
Service Management & OptimisationTerry Green
Information Knowledge ManagementNicky Antonius (acting)
Regulatory Knowledge & Technology ServicesScott Glare


General Counsel - April Purry (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Legal ServicesFarhana Islam (acting)
Regulatory Legal ServicesTerry Lee

Digital Payments Services Taskforce

John Cahill
BranchAssistant Secretary
Digital Payments Services TaskforceKate McCauley
Aged Care Complaints Commissioner - Rae Lamb
Governance, Education & Strategy - Shona Moloney

Strategic Health Systems and Information Management

Paul Madden - Special Adviser

Digital Health

First Assistant Secretary - Bettina Konti
BranchAssistant Secretary
Legislation, Policy & GovernanceNicole Jarvis
Digital Health OperationsDavid Paull
ParticipationGiulio Cerasani (acting)
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