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Welcome to the Department of Health structure including the Divisions and Branches.

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Martin Bowles PSM Secretary

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Chris Baggoley - Chief Medical Officer

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Jenny Firman
Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Gary Lum

Office of Health Protection

First Assistant Secretary - Felicity McNeill
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health Protection PolicyGraeme Barden
Health Emergency ManagementSandra Gebbie (acting)
ImmunisationKylie Barsley (acting)

Principal Medical Consultant

Prof. John Horvath

Strategic Policy & Innovation

Mark Cormack - Deputy Secretary

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Tony Hobbs
Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer - Debra Thoms
Principal Adviser - Dr David Cullen

Health Systems Policy

First Assistant Secretary - Mark Booth

Principal Adviser - Charles Maskell-Knight
BranchAssistant Secretary
Portfolio Strategies, Engagement & CoordinationChris Carlile
International Strategies Simon Cotterell
Best Practice RegulationKatie Constantinou
Strategic PolicyGillian Shaw
Primary Health Care Advisory Group TaskforceJanet Quigley
Mental Health Reform TaskforceColleen Krestensen
PHN EstablishmentTBA
Health Adviser - GenevaMadeleine Heyward

Health Services

First Assistant Secretary - Natasha Cole (acting)

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Andrew Singer
BranchAssistant Secretary
Primary HealthcareKathy Dennis
Hospitals and Acute ServicesAnn Smith
Mental Health Early InterventionNicole Jarvis (acting)
Mental Health ServicesDr Anthony Millgate

Research, Data & Evaluation

First Assistant Secretary - Alanna Foster
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health & Medical Research
Health AnalyticsIan Crettenden
Health System FinancingShannon White
Performance, Accountability & EvaluationPeter Woodley

Health Benefits

Andrew Stuart - Deputy Secretary

Health Provider Compliance

First Assistant Secretary - Kerryn Vine-Camp

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr John Primrose
Senior Medical Adviser, Medicare Reviews Unit - Dr Megan Keaney
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health ComplianceBen Noyen
Health Compliance StrategyChris Jeacle
Health Professional Review & AdviceJo Benson

Medical Benefits Division

First Assistant Secretary - Maria Jolly
BranchAssistant Secretary
Medical Specialist ServicesNatasha Ryan
Office of Hearing ServicesTracey Duffy
Primary Care & DiagnosticsTBA
Private Health InsuranceShane Porter
Medicare Financing & ListingGay Santiago
Medicare Reviews UnitFifine Cahill

Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

First Assistant Secretary - Penny Shakespeare
BranchAssistant Secretary
Pharmaceutical PolicyPaul Creech
Pharmaceutical EvaluationAdriana Platona
Pharmaceutical AccessJulianne Quaine

National Programme Delivery

Dr Wendy Southern- Deputy Secretary

Population Health & Sport Division

First Assistant Secretary - Dr Lisa Studdert

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Bernie Towler
BranchAssistant Secretary
Preventive Health PolicyElizabeth Flynn
Office for SportNarelle Smith
Sport Integrity AdviserAndrew Godkin
Cancer & Palliative CareAlice Creelman
Tobacco ControlJackie Davis
Drug StrategyChris Killick-Moran

Indigenous Health Division

First Assistant Secretary - Bobbi Campbell (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Programme, Services & Access SupportMeredeth Taylor
Strategy & EvidenceTania Rishniw
Health Programmes & Sector DevelopmentAlison Killen

Health Workforce Division

First Assistant Secretary - Sharon Appleyard (acting)

Medical Adviser - Dr Louise Stone
Medical Adviser - Dr Susan Wearne
Adviser - Prof. Marlene Drysdale
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health TrainingKate McCauley
Rural AccessLisa La Rance
Health Workforce ReformTarja Saastamoinen

Regulatory Services Group

Adj Prof John Skerritt - Deputy Secretary

Principal Medical Adviser - Dr Tony Gill (acting)

Principal Legal & Policy Adviser - Philippa Horner

Medicines Regulation

First Assistant Secretary - Mary McDonald
BranchAssistant Secretary
Prescription Medicines AuthorisationJudy Develin
Complementary & OTC MedicinesTrisha Garrett
Pharmacovigilance & Special AccessDr Jane Cooks
Scientific EvaluationBill Turner

Medical Devices & Product Quality

First Assistant Secretary - Dr Larry Kelly
BranchAssistant Secretary
Medical DevicesDr Cheryl McRae
LaboratoriesDr Peter Bird
Manufacturing QualityDr Harry Rothenfluh

Regulatory Practice & Support

First Assistant Secretary - Jaye Smith (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Regulatory Services & ImprovementNicole McLay
Regulatory Engagement & PlanningAvi Rebera
Regulatory Practice, Education & CompliancePio Cesarin

Office of Gene Technology Regulator

Robyn Cleland (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Regulatory Practice & ComplianceDr Peter Thygesen (acting)
EvaluationDr Michael Dornbusch

Office of Chemical Safety

(incorporating NICNAS & AgVet Chemicals) - Brian Richards

Ageing and Aged Care

Dr Margot McCarthy - Deputy Secretary

Aged Care Reform Taskforce

First Assistant Secretary - Rachel Balmanno
BranchAssistant Secretary
Home Care Reform & Sector EngagementShona McQueen

Aged Care Policy and Reform

First Assistant Secretary - Nick Hartland
BranchAssistant Secretary
Aged Care PolicySharon Rose
Funding Policy & LegislationNigel Murray

Access, Quality and Compliance

First Assistant Secretary - Michael Culhane (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Aged Care ComplaintsShona Maloney
Prudential & Approved Provider RegulationDavid Laffan (acting)
Quality & Regulatory PolicyJosh Maldon (acting)
Access Reform BranchCraig Harris
My Aged Care OperationsRachel Goddard (acting)

Ageing and Aged Care Services

First Assistant Secretary - Donna Moody
BranchAssistant Secretary
Home SupportKaren Pickering
Ageing & Sector SupportLou O'Neill
Residential & Flexible CareKerrie Westcott (acting)

Chief Operating Officer

Liz Cosson - Deputy Secretary

Organisational Performance - Ross Hawkins

Portfolio Investment Division

First Assistant Secretary - Matt Yannopoulos
BranchAssistant Secretary
Chief Financial OfficerCraig Boyd
Chief Budget OfficerKeith Tracey-Patte
Investment StrategyLiane Pettitt (acting)
Shared ServicesAndrea Kunca

Grant Services Division

First Assistant Secretary - Kate Pope
BranchAssistant Secretary
Grant Process & PolicyLou Andreatta
Capital Grants ManagementCraig Rayner (acting)
National Programme GrantsErica Kneipp
Regional Services Grants Paul McCormack

People, Capability & Communication Division

First Assistant Secretary - Adam Davey
BranchAssistant Secretary
Ministerial, Parliamentary, Exec Support & GovernanceRobert Wright
PeopleBelinda Casson (acting)
Capability & ChangeKylie Perrin
CommunicationJodie Grieve

Information Technology Division

First Assistant Secretary - Daniel McCabe (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Enterprise SolutionsStephen Campbell (acting)
IT Strategy and GovernanceChristine Svarcas
Service Management & OptimisationHeidi Madden (acting)
Information Knowledge ManagementNicky Antonius (acting)
Regulatory Knowledge & Technology ServicesScott Glare

Legal and Assurance

General Counsel - Chris Reid
BranchAssistant Secretary
Legal ServicesApril Purry
Regulatory Legal ServicesTerry Lee
Audit & AssuranceColin Cronin

Delivery Strategy & Operations Division

First Assistant Secretary - Michael Maynard
BranchAssistant Secretary
Aged Care Delivery - NTTBA
Aged Care Delivery - SAChristine Steele
Aged Care Delivery - VICBernadette Ryan
Aged Care Delivery - TASAnthony Speed
Aged Care Delivery - NSW/ACTLucelle Veneros
Aged Care Delivery - WAHelen Grinbergs
Aged Care Delivery - QLDTBA

Strategic Health Systems and Information Management

Paul Madden - Special Adviser

eHealth Division

First Assistant Secretary - Bettina Konti
BranchAssistant Secretary
Legislation, Policy & GovernanceLinda Jackson
eHealth OperationsDavid Paull
ParticipationKim Bessell

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