Management Structure Chart

This section outlines the Department of Health structure including the Divisions and Branches.

Page last updated: 15 January 2015

For an introduction to members of our Executive see our Executive pages.

A printable version of the Department of Health Structure (PDF 253 KB).

Martin Bowles PSM Secretary

Chris Baggoley - Chief Medical Officer

Office of Health Protection

First Assistant Secretary - Kylie Jonasson
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health Protection PolicyGraeme Barden
Health Emergency ManagementRob Cameron
ImmunisationGayle Anderson
Ebola TaskforceJulianne Quaine

Office of Chemical Safety

Executive Director - Brian Richards
National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme
AgVet Chemicals Assessment

Janet Anderson - Deputy Secretary (acting)

Health Workforce Division

First Assistant Secretary - Penny Shakespeare
Principal Medical Adviser - Susan Wearne
BranchAssistant Secretary
Health TrainingKate McCauley
Access & IncentivesGreg Lemmon (acting)
Health Workforce ReformTarja Saastamoinen

Acute Care Division

First Assistant Secretary - Charles Maskell-Knight (acting)
Principal Adviser - Charles Maskell-Knight
Principal Medical Adviser - Andrew Singer
BranchAssistant Secretary
Hospital Performance, Governance & InfrastructureAnn Smith
Hospital Services Policy & PlanningGillian Shaw
Financing & AnalysisGareth Sebar
Blood, Organs & DentalPeter Woodley
Safety, Quality & ResearchJenean Spencer

Portfolio Strategies Division

First Assistant Secretary - Simon Cotterell (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
BudgetKeith Tracey-Patte
Ministerial & Parliamentary SupportCarolyn Driessen
International StrategiesChris Bedford (acting)
Policy StrategiesChris Carlile
Strategic PolicyDavid Cullen (Chief Economist)
Williams II TaskforceNeil Ellis (acting)

Liz Cosson - Chief Operating Officer

People, Capability & Communication Division

First Assistant Secretary - Adam Davey
BranchAssistant Secretary
CommunicationJodie Grieve
PeopleRobert Wright
Capability & GovernanceKylie Perrin

Best Practice Regulation & Deregulation Division

First Assistant Secretary - Fay Holden (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Regulatory PolicyAndrea Kunca
DeregulationTash Ryan (acting)
Functional and Efficiency Review TaskforceCelia Street

Grant Services Division

First Assistant Secretary - Sue Campion
BranchAssistant Secretary
Grant Process & PolicyLou Andreatta
Capital Grants ManagementGarry Fisk
Regional Service Grants (Incl. regional offices)Robyn Brunker (acting)
National Programme GrantsErica Kneipp

Portfolio Investment Division

First Assistant Secretary - Richard Bartlett
BranchAssistant Secretary
FinanceCraig Boyd
Corporate & Agency SupportAvi Rebera

General Counsel

General Counsel - Chris Reid
BranchAssistant Secretary
Legal ServicesApril Purry

Andrew Stuart - Deputy Secretary

Audit and Fraud Control

Assistant Secretary - Colin Cronin

Medical Benefits Division

First Assistant Secretary - Kirsty Faichney (acting)
Principal Medical Adviser - John Primrose
BranchAssistant Secretary
Medicare Financing & ListingGay Santiago
Medical Specialist ServicesMegan Keaney (acting)
Primary Care Diagnostics & Radiation OncologyFifine Cahill
Private Health InsuranceShane Porter
Office Hearing ServicesTracey Duffy

Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

First Assistant Secretary - Felicity McNeill
BranchAssistant Secretary
Pharmaceutical EvaluationAdriana Platona
Pharmaceutical AccessKim Bessell
Pharmaceutical PolicyPaul Creech

Office for Sport

Acting First Assistant Secretary - Jaye Smith (acting)
Specialist Adviser - Andrew Godkin
BranchAssistant Secretary
Sport Policy & Major EventsNarelle Smith (acting)
National Integrity of Sport UnitGreg Morris (acting)

Mary McDonald (acting)- Deputy Secretary

Indigenous & Rural Health Division

First Assistant Secretary - Maria Jolly (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Indigenous Health ProgramsAlison Killen
System EffectivenessMasha Somi
Rural, Remote & Indigenous AccessMeredeth Taylor
Indigenous Health Reform TaskforceRod Schreiber (acting)

Primary & Mental Health Care Division

First Assistant Secretary - Mark Booth
BranchAssistant Secretary
GP & Allied HealthKathy Dennis
Primary Health Care PolicySharon Appleyard
Mental Health Policy & ResearchColleen Krestensen
Mental Health ServicesFiona Nicholls
Primary Care Policy & EvaluationJake Matthews (acting)
Primary Care Futures TaskforceNatasha Cole

Population Health Division

First Assistant Secretary - Nathan Smyth
Principal Medical Adviser - Bernie Towler
BranchAssistant Secretary
Chronic Disease & Food PolicyElizabeth Flynn
Cancer & Pallative CareAlice Creelman
Tobacco Control TaskforceJackie Davis
Drug StrategyLinda Young

Paul Madden - Deputy Secretary

eHealth Division

First Assistant Secretary - Linda Powell
BranchAssistant Secretary
eHealth Change & AdoptionTeressa Ward
eHealth PolicyLinda Jackson
eHealth OperationsMatt Corkhill

Information Technology Division

First Assistant Secretary - Bettina Konti
BranchAssistant Secretary
IT Solutions DevelopmentPaul Stokoe
IT Support & Service DeliveryHeidi Madden (acting)
IT Sourcing ProgramDavid Paull
IT Strategy and ManagementChristine Svarcas

Therapeutic Goods Administration

John Skerritt - National Manager

Office of TGA - ANZTPA

Principal Medical Adviser - Tony Hobbs
Principal Legal Adviser - Philippa Horner
Head of Office - Cheryl McRae

Market Authorisation Group

Group Head - Lisa Studdert
OfficeOffice Head
Office of Medicines AuthorisationPeter Bird
Office of Complementary MedicinesTrisha Garrett
Office of Devices AuthorisationElizabeth McGrath (acting)
Office of Scientific EvaluationBill Turner

Monitoring & Compliance Group

Group Head - Larry Kelly
OfficeOffice Head
Office of Manufacturing QualityHarry Rothenfluh
Office of Laboratories & Scientific ServicesWilliam Sherwin (acting)
Office of Product ReviewJane Cook

Regulatory Support Group

Chief Operating Officer/ Group Head - Samantha Palmer
OfficeOffice Head
Office of Corporate ServicesNicole McLay
Office of Information ManagementPeter Bickerton
Office of Parliamentary & Strategic SupportGraeme Marchant (acting)
Office of Legal ServicesTerry Lee
Office of Change & Program ManagementJudy Develin

Office of Gene Technology Regulator

Director - Robyn Cleland (acting)
BranchAssistant Secretary
Regulatory Practice & ComplianceVidya Jagadish (acting)
EvaluationMichael Dornbusch
Medical Advisor - Gary Lum
Medical Advisor - Jenny Firman
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