Health Program Grants (HPG)

The ROHPG Scheme offers funding to approved providers for eligible high-cost equipment used in the delivery of radiation therapy.

Page last updated: 18 February 2016

The scheme was introduced in 1988 as an alternative mechanism for the Commonwealth Government to fund health services outside the Medicare arrangements. The Scheme provides a contribution towards the capital cost of eligible radiation therapy equipment. Payments are in addition to Medicare rebates that patients receive for radiotherapy services, as Medicare benefits are for the professional and operating costs of services and do not include funding for the cost of equipment used in providing these services.

The ROHPG Scheme is established and administered under Part IV of the Health Insurance Act 1973 and is open to public and private providers who are recognised as an ‘approved health service’ (at a specific location) under the Act.

    The ROHPG Scheme is supported by Guidelines that outline criteria for assessment. Applications are assessed on an individual basis against the Guidelines. The criteria as outlined in the ROHPG Guidelines are as follows:
    • eligibility of equipment
    • area of need and affordability of services
    • financial viability
    • integration with multidisciplinary and patient-centred care
    • staffing and
    • implementation of the project including whether it is well developed, well-resourced and implemented within a reasonable timeframe.
    For further information on the ROHPG Scheme, including access to application forms and the Scheme’s Guidelines, please email the Radiation Oncology Section.

    A review of the ROHPG is currently under way. Further information can be obtained on the 2016 Review of the Radiation Oncology Health Program Grants (ROHPG) Scheme web page.

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